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Pocharam Night Camping at Wildlife Sanctuary

 Hyderabad    1 Nights/2 Days 670 people interested today
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Trip Overview

A night camping experience in Pocharam forest and wildlife sanctuary and exploring Poacharam Dam with bird watching


  • Explore the Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary and Pocharam Dam
  • Witness the Pocharam Lake and enjoy a walk en route to the camping spot.
  • Company of an experienced host and arrangements for fun games.


Detailed overview

  • Pocharam Forest & Wildlife Sanctuary is situated at a distance of 15 km (9.3 miles) from Medak and 115 km (71 miles) from Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. This sanctuary can be reached by private transport from Medak. Pocharam Forest was the favourite hunting ground of the Nizams, and they declared it a wildlife sanctuary in the early part of the 20th century.



Day 1: Hyderabad - Pocharam Lake - Overnight Camping

  • As the clock strikes 4 p.m., our journey commences with a harmonious blend of introduction and camaraderie, accompanied by the warmth of a welcome drink. Within this shared moment, we forge connections and embark on an odyssey together.
  • Our next destination unfolds at the EEC Center, a sanctuary of knowledge nestled within the Forest Exhibition Center. Guided by the wisdom of our expert guide, we immerse ourselves in the intricate tales woven by the environment, unraveling the secrets of the natural world.
  • The anticipation rises as we delve into the heart of adventure—an exhilarating wildlife safari awaits. A rendezvous with nature's untamed beauty, followed by a pilgrimage to the majestic Pocharam Dam and the echoes of history within its ancient edifices Together, we shall witness the canvas of the sky transform hues as the sun bids adieu, casting a spellbinding sunset upon our gathering.
  • Now, beneath the canopy of stars, we transition to a canvas of our own making. Tents rise like sentinels by the dam, each peg securing the promise of a unique camping experience. The aroma of a sizzling barbecue mingles with the night air as we indulge in a feast beneath the celestial expanse.
  • As the flames dance in the campfire's embrace, so too do we around its glow. Stories weave through the night, echoing the laughter and camaraderie that define our shared escapade. The strains of music from personal Bluetooth speakers serenade the night, each note harmonizing with the rustle of leaves and the distant murmur of the dam.
  • And when the time comes to bid the day farewell, we surrender to the gentle embrace of the night. With lights extinguished, we rest beneath a tapestry of stars, our dreams interwoven with the echoes of a day well lived. As the night holds us in its tender grasp, we find solace in the promise of new horizons awaiting with the dawn.

Day 2: Check out and Drive back to Hyderabad

  • As the first light of dawn graces the horizon, we beckon the day with a collective "Rise and Shine!" Our pilgrimage to the Pocharam Lake View Point commences, promising a spectacle of nature's grandeur as we stand witness to the beautiful sunrise, where the sun paints the sky with hues of gold and amber from this scenic vantage point.
  • Embarking on a rejuvenating journey, we set forth on a sunrise trek to Adjecant Hill. A symphony of birdsong accompanies our ascent, and the crisp morning air invigorates our spirits. The hill, like a canvas adjusting its palette, reveals its contours bathed in the soft glow of the awakening sun.
  • The day unfolds into a tapestry of exploration as we venture into the heart of the wildlife safari area. A harmonious blend of trekking and bird watching awaits us—a dance with nature's wonders. With each step, we become entwined in the vibrant ecosystem, our senses attuned to the melodies of winged companions and the subtle rustle of leaves underfoot.
  • A butterfly walk within the enchanting Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary unveils a kaleidoscope of colors, where delicate wings flutter like living brushstrokes against the backdrop of nature's canvas. Here, time slows, allowing us to savor the intricate beauty that often eludes the hurried gaze.
  • As the morning's adventures unfold, a hearty breakfast becomes a celebration of sustenance—a moment to savor flavors and share tales of the journey. The table is set amidst the whispers of the wild, offering a nourishing feast to fortify ourselves for the day's remaining odyssey.
  • And so, with memories woven into the fabric of the morning, we gracefully transition to the ritual of departure. The time to pack up and check out has arrived, marking the conclusion of our adventurous sojourn. Yet, in bidding farewell to this haven of nature's wonders, we carry with us the essence of a perfect blend—a symphony of exploration, wildlife encounters, camping serenity, and the lingering taste of delectable meals—a treasure trove of moments creating a tapestry of a truly memorable experience.

Basic Details

Start Point
Finish Point
Start time
4:00 pm
CampingTours & SightseeingFamily-friendly
Trip Code


  • BBQ is included in the package and participants can cook their own bbq if they want
  • Safari & Forest Exhibition center with guide
  • Entry fee for narsapur forest and pocharam wildlife sanctuary
  • Camping Tent
  • Guided sunrise and sunset Trekking
  • Meals
  • western washrooms
  • Accommodation in tents along with ground bedding
  • Bonfire with DJ Speakers
  • Jain temple visit & C.S.I MEDAK CATHEDRAL CHURCH visit
  • Movies watching in conference room


  • Any expenses of personal nature.
  • Anything not mentioned in the inclusions.

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Important Information

  • In the spirit of our exploratory journey, it's important to note that the consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited throughout the entirety of this trip. This excursion, characterized by its spontaneity, invites participants to embrace the unpredictability of the adventure. Flexibility and a willingness to adapt to the prevailing conditions are key attributes we encourage everyone to embody.

Guidelines for Participants:

  • While not all of us may consider ourselves serious trekkers, each member of our group bears an equal responsibility in safeguarding our cherished Earth. Infinite Adventures earnestly urges all participants to exhibit social responsibility during the trek, refraining from littering, unnecessary noise in natural settings, or any actions that could disrupt the delicate balance of the environment. Let's make a collective effort to minimize the use of plastics, embracing an eco-friendly mindset.

Things to Carry:

Consider this list as your trusty guide for packing essentials:

  • Select clothing suitable for outdoor activities.
  • Bring along comfortable shoes and slippers.
  • Ensure you have two liters of water in your trekking gear.
  • Don't forget sunglasses to shield your eyes from the sun.
  • If you have a camera and Bluetooth speaker, consider packing them for added enjoyment.
  • Warm clothes are essential for varying weather conditions.
  • Personal hand sanitizer and a water bottle are must-haves.
  • Include a hand towel, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, and any other toiletries you might need.
  • Carry a blanket for comfort during breaks.
  • If you have personal medications, remember to pack them.

Let's approach this adventure with open minds, a commitment to environmental stewardship, and a shared dedication to the well-being of our planet. Together, we can make this exploration a harmonious and eco-conscious experience.

Cancellation Policy

  • Full refund if cancelled before* 3 days
  • No refund after that


Meet-up Information/Reporting Point

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