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World India Karnataka Bijapur Gol Gumbaz
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India Karnataka Gol Gumbaz


                Gol Gumbaz which means “Rose Dome” is the mausoleum of Bijapur Sultan Mohammed Adil Shah. This tomb is the standing example of structural accomplishment of Deccan Architecture. Yaqut of Dabul was the chief architect and he completed the building in 1656.  The dome is placed over the interwoven Pendentive. This Pendentive was formed by the two rotated square which has eight intersecting arches. At four corners of the cube, tourists can see a octagonal shaped towers with a dome capping them. Tourists can climb up these 7 storeyed towers using the staircase within the tower. The steps on the square podium lead the tourists to the actual cenotaph of Sultan Mohammed Adil Shah placed interior of the Gol Gumbaz. Tourists can see a Gallery inside the dome, named “Whispering Gallery”. This gallery is constructed in such a way its acoustics of space carries even a small whisper made to the other side of Mausoleum. The height of the gallery from the floor is 33.22 m and its of 3.25 m in width.

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