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World India Goa Vasco da Gama Bogmalo Beach
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Vasco da Gama
India Goa Bogmalo Beach


Bogmalo beach located 4 KMs away from the Dabolim airport and 9 KMs from Vasco Da Gama is a most perfect place to feel close to oneself and when you walk on the shores of the blue Arabian, you could go on for hours with nary a thought to time when suddenly you'll realise that its evening because the sun is on its way down and that is a sight, you will remember forever because it is breath-taking.

You are most welcome to plan a boat trip and while you are at it, remember to say hi to the dolphins when they come to visit you. Feel free to splurge on scrumptious Goan seafood and if you are an explorer, you must visit the Indian Naval Aviation Museum. Shopaholics have an exclusive territory made just for them at Anjuna which is just an hour and a half away from the beach. Besides, you could always buy trinkets from the stalls around the beach. You will certainly find a place to stay within your budget so don't oversee this particular Goan beach village if you are making a basket list for the snazziest state in the country.

If you want to relieve your stress or just visit some place that will automatically put your mind to rest, you just found the most perfect place.

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