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World India Karnataka Karwar Sadashivgad Fort
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India Karnataka Sadashivgad Fort


Sadashivgad Fort is an astonishing tourist destination in Karwar. The fort was built near Kali River Bridge at the merging point of Kali River and Arabian Sea over an hillock at an altitude of 200 m. Visitors will be amazed to watch out the citadel at the highest point with single arched gateway. The Fort which is built on the northern banks of Kali River as two outworks, one closer to the Arabian Sea on the lower part of cliff called Pani Killa and the other outwork on the eastern slopes of the cliff. Sadashivgad also has a guarding satellite fort termed as “Samvargad” on the eastern hillock of Sadashivgad. The size of Samvargad is 60 m in length and 20 m in width. Basavlingaraj built this fort in 17th century and name it after his father. There is a Durga Devi temple within the Fort. Visitors can opt for government buses or taxis to reach the fort.


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