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A small green port town on the Arabian Coast, Ratnagiri is a agricultural rich region of Maharashtra. It lies 334 km to the south of Mumbai and is closer to the Goan capital Panjim (233km).

The unparalleled beauty of the city is a result of the magnificent Sayadhari Mountains and the giant Arabian ocean. Rantagiri has an extraordinary topography with radiant slopes, pretty seashore, brooks, excellent waterways, water spring and waterfalls separated from the old fortresses and landmarks. Arranged on the seaside cinch, Ratnagiri is honored with virgin sunny shores that offer the otherworldly sight of the harbor also its shimmering sands.

The region is blessed with alluvial soil deposits due to high monsoon rains. Popularly known for its delicious Alphonso Mangoes, cashew nuts, coconuts, rice and ragi, this town also boasts of numerous beaches, temples, forts and waterfalls. The black sand beach Mandvi, the refreshing blue beaches of Aareware and Kalbadevi and the less crowded Bhatye beach are going to make you fall in love with Ratnagiri. Along with Mandvi beach Ratnadurga fort forms the core of tourism in Ratnagiri. And do indulge in the rich sea food to arouse your taste buds. The age-old forts, Jaigad and Ratna Durg with mindblowing sights of the Arabian Sea are two destinations you wouldn't want to miss. Other highlights include Lajul and Nivali falls, Panval Viaduct, Muslim shrines Babar Sheikh Peer, Sayyad Zahid Ali Shah Qadri, Shaikh Ali Baba and Pir Sayyad Mansoor Shah Qadri, Thiba Palace and Ganeshgule temple.

The Fishing industry is an important source of income for the coastal people of Ratnagiri.

Winter and Monsoon seasons can work wonders on this place and boost its charm whereas summers are generally hot.

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