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World India West Bengal Bankura
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India West Bengal Bankura

About Bankura

Bankura is located in the district of Burdhawan in the state of West Bengal. The city is situated at a distance of 185 KMs from Kolkatta. The place is well-connected by roads, rail and air transport. The River Damodar flows to the north side of Bankura. The town offers a diverse experience for travelers from ancient times. The local arts and handicrafts is the soul of the city. The architecture and terracotta art Bankura, especially terracotta figurines famous all over India. The other handicrafts Baluchari Silk, Tussa, Dokra crafts, Conch shell products, Bell metal goods, Terracotta tiles, Bankura Horse made of burnt clay and Dashabatar Tass. Bankura is famous for Music lovers can listen to the mesmerizing classical music of Bishnupur gharana. If you are looking for forward for some adventure activities while coming to Bankura, we have the Biharinath Hill or Susunia hill for trekking. For religiously inclined people, the temples like Madanmohan Mandir or Shyam Roy Mandir or visit Joyrambati, the birth place of Ma Sarada Devi, wife of Ramakrsihna Pramhansa, the great holy saint. The Sidheswar Temple is very famous and receives a huge number of devotees every year. Not only temples, there are several forests of around the place also form an important part of the topography of Bankura.  Jhilimili is a forest located some 70 km from Bankura is a popular attraction.

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