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World India West Bengal Purulia
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India West Bengal Purulia

About Purulia

Purulia town is seated north to Kasai River in West Bengal and few cities of Jharkhand and Odisha are easily accessible from here. In ancient India it was identified as one of 16 Mahajanapadas in 5th century as given in one of the Sutras known as the Jaina Bhagavati-Sutra. It seems like gaining popularity as tourist destination since it is   surrounded by hills, forest and river which adds to the scenic splendour. Tribal habitat in Ayodhya and matha Hills, Panchakot Raj Place and dam all draw the tourists to this place. There are religious centres around such as Sharisha Ramkrishna Mission Ashram and Dharmaraj Temple. It provides perfect mix for spiritual onlookers and Adventure freaks since there are camps, rock climbing workshop organised on the range of Matha, Pakhi Pahar and Joychandi Pahar. Perennial streams near Bagmundi form Tugga and Brahmni falls. Jhumur is the popular song and the famous folk dance of the place is Chhau which is accompanied with the beats of dhol and dhumsaa. Is the popular folk song of Purulia. Shiva and Shakti are the foremost deities worshipped in the religious rituals. Trains run from Howrah Railway Station to the destination. There are buses also that provide service for the same area. The weather during October and March is cool and pleasant for exploring the destination since summer time makes it hot.

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