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A master of owning falls, gardens and hills, scenic views or tranquility, Ranchi is blessed with them all. With the best time after the monsoons; with temperature just perfect for you and the water not so cold for you to take a dip in, or the breathtaking clear view from those hills and the best time also to visit this town, being when the Indian festivals are celebrated grandly with a lot of preparations and delight for all. A place which interlinks nature, mythology, yoga, medicine, religion, astrology and humanity together is one to safeguard.

Ranchi, in Jharkhand is easily accessible and provides various modes of travel. A few places that you need to visit during your stay here include Ranchi hill, Ranchi Lake, Sun temple, the various falls pertaining to your convenience, Tagore hill, Panch gagh falls, Jagannath temple. There are hotels ranging from 1-star to 5-star, and the food is inexplicable and if you decide to venture through here, don’t forget to have Hadia- the famous rice wine, on any day- it rejuvenates you! For the ladies, you need to pack a Tussar silk saree, which is what the women wear in Jharkhand. A few things that will rasp your taste buds comprise of the Bihari litti and til barfi. Not to forget a snap of you with the mesmerizing waterfalls, at-least one, when you avail it in abundance.

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