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World India West Bengal Digha
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India West Bengal Digha

About Digha

Digha is a popular sea beach and tourist spot at a distance of 187 kms from Kolkata. The journey from Kolkata to Digha takes about 4-5 hours by road. The beach was termed as 'Brighton of the East best for a holiday' by Warren Hastings in the 18th century. Digha was earlier known as beerkul. Digha has a low ramp with a shoal sand beach with gentle waves extend up to seven km in length. Casurania trees surround the beach, which help in preventing soil erosion. The scenic beauty of the place is charming and enticing. The sunset and sunrise shining off the saline waters of the Bay of Bengal is something directly off an artist's frame.

The sea at Digha is serene and shallow for about a mile making it safe for swimming. The place is an absolute delight for seafood lovers; one has a variety of fresh water fishes like Ellis, Pomfret, peas and prawns to choose from. If you are looking to relax and indulge, Digha is the place to be. You can visit the beach with friends and family, it is a Chill out as well as an adventure spot. One can relive life again and add a little spice to it at the Digha beach.

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