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World India West Bengal Darjeeling
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India West Bengal Darjeeling

About Darjeeling

Darjeeling, an internationally renowned tourist destination, a UNESCO world heritage site, is a charming town located at the foot of lower Himalayas, draping over some steep hills, overlooking the sweeping valleys and surrounded by Magnificent Mountains of Himalayan range. The name Darjeeling originated from the word ‘Dorge’ which means thunderbolt, relying that Darjeeling is ‘The land of thunderbolts’.

The region once belonged to Kings of Sikkim who then lost it to the Gorkhas and then it changed hands to British, who were smitten by the perfect and pleasant climate, marked this place as one of their summer retreats. Due to its strategic location, which yields a wonderful weather of soothing temperatures that is just perfect for tea cultivation, Darjeeling tea easily became one of the finest in the world. The various tantalizing blends of tea that are produced here are unique to the soil.

Darjeeling is a darling site for nature enthusiasts who will be enthralled by the numerous choices of trekking, pleasure walking, scenic spots, enchanting views and the fresh mountain breeze all of which refreshes the body and soul alike. Those who wish to get a break from the steaming plains will find Darjeeling with its serene setup filled with beautiful sights around, to be an amazing satisfaction.

Darjeeling known for its eco-tourism options is also a shopping paradise. The cultural blend of Sikkim, Nepal and Tibet can be found in the rich and colorful artifacts, the delicately carved handmade items, handloom and silk products that are found in heaps in the shops and markets lining the roads.

Darjeeling with its soothing climate, perfect location that showcases some exotic views of the majestic Himalayas puts you in a sense of wholesomeness. A trip to Darjeeling is a trip that gives a glimpse of bliss.

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