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World Nepal Koshi Biratnagar
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Koshi Biratnagar

About Biratnagar

Biratnagar, which literally means “huge city” in Nepali, is the fourth largest city of Nepal. Being the industrial capital of Nepal the place is becoming a huge tourist hub. Biratnagar derived its name from king Birat who once used to rule the city. The old name of city was Gograha Bazar. The city is believed to be a part of the kingdom of Virata, which is also mentioned in the Mahabharata. Cool, right?

Biratnagar is basically located in the Morang district of eastern Nepal which lies in the Kosi Zone. This place is a heaven for bird and wildlife enthusiasts since Koshi tappu wildlife reserve is only 90 kilometers from the city, which is home to endangered wild buffaloes “Anga”. The famous tea gardens of Ilam are a must visit for the people coming to this place. Other tourist attractions near Biratnagar are Dhankuta which is famous for its oranges and the forests of Tinjure, Milke and Jaljale.

A famous attraction of this place is the colourful haat bazaars which is the weekly baazar held each week in different parts of the town. Biratnagar is known for its high spirited festival celebrations like the festival of Dashain, which is Nepal’s biggest festival and Tihar, festival of lights. The most widely celebrated festival is Krishna Ashtami, the birth day of Lord Krishna where a rath yatra is organised.
Visit Biratnagar not only for its beauty, heritage, and adventure but also for its environment, world class accommodation and the lovely people.

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