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Namaste Falls , Biratnagar

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Scenic, Waterfall
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Nepali, Tibetan

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Koshi Namaste Falls

About Namaste Falls

The name clearly says it all, Namaste falls are in shape of Namaste (a gesture of greeting among Nepalis and Indians). It is located 8kms away from the village of Vedatar, a tourist attraction, of Dhankuta district in Nepal. The falls is about 80 meters high.  The most attracting feature of this spot is that you can always see a rainbow like seven color formation if you stand close to the waterfall. During summer or spring season, the number of tourists around this place increases on a great flow. Researchers often visit this place for doing their research or for some other purposes. Since some years ago, this place is managed by some youngsters of Dharan area of Nepal. 

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