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World Nepal Janakpur Janakpur
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Janakpur Janakpur

About Janakpur

Janakpur, famously known as Janakpur Dham clearly indicates its religious importance. Located in Southeast Nepal the city is known as the birthplace of Hindu Goddess Sita”. What is interesting about this place is the fact that it is also the site where she was married to Lord Ram. Janakpur is an important Nepalese pilgrimage site for Hindus all over the world.

The most famous site is the Janaki Mandir. It was built in 1911 and is architecturally unique since its inner sanctum contains a statue of Sita, and it is claimed that this statue was miraculously found in Sarayu River near Ayodhya. This place sees the maximum visits during Vivah Panchami and Ram Navami, when thousands of pilgrims pay homage at the Janaki temple.

The other famous attractions are the Dhanush Sagar and the Ganga Sagar. The Dhanusha Sagar is believed to have been made from the pieces of arrow which were broken by Lord Ram in Janakpur. Known as the “city of ponds”, Janakpur is home for Nepal’s only railways and railheads.

While going around the city you can spot the traditional art like the paintings on pottery, walls and courtyards. It is the sixth largest city in Nepal and is the place where the ancient Maithili culture originated from.

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