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The Rowaling Valley is the most terrific valley sandwiched in between two ranges: the Gaurishankar Himal, and the Rolwaling Himal. It is far away from other local attractions in Nepal and does not see many travelers throughout the year. The Rolwaling valley has impressive mountains and forest cover and offers stunning views.

You may be fascinated to know that it was here where the first Yeti footprints were found. The valley is quite popular among trekkers, but not much frequented by usual tourists. The primary population of the valley comprises of Sherpa, hence making it a great place to get a glimpse pf life of Sherpas. Ever since then nobody else has witnessed that again. Maybe you become the lucky one unravelling this complex mystery!! All the more reasons to hike in this place.

Mostly the people visiting here are all trekking masters. If trekking is something you love or enjoy then this is “THE” place to be. It’s a surreal feeling to experience the wild Nepal. There are many small shops that you can approach and they will make a detailed plan for your trip. Your food, luggage, tents, water, absolutely everything that you can think is taken care of.

You can either decide to go alone or in a group. There will be an assistant who will be accompanying you throughout your trekking. I like to believe that Nepalese are the true Iron men. It’s unbelievable how these tiny bodies have strength of a bull in them. They carry so much luggage single handily that it seems as if the luggage is moving on its own. The choice of accommodation in the valley is quite basic such as lodges and homestays. Inner-permit would be required for the region but these details are quite ambiguous so it’s best to confirm with a travel agent upon arrival in Kathmandu.

Trekking in this area of the country is kind of difficult but if done so you are in for a treat. The natural beauty in the surroundings are just breath taking. Do worry about the trek being too long and exhausting. Give it a shot and have a time of your life. 

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