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Known as the gateway to Everest, Namche bazaar is an interesting village situated on an even interesting location. Namche Bazaar (3440m) is the informal capital of the Khumbu region of Nepal and is one of the key stops on the trail up to Everest Base Camp, and is a good place to spend a day or two. The village is located in a horseshoe formed bowl, and if you go up up to the viewpoint over the village, you will get your first sight of Everest. Namche is the place to store up on basics - shops and stalls line the cobbled streets, and most of the traders are Sherpas or Tibetans. 

With the total population of merely 60-80 houses this bazaar is cramped with buildings which are shops and hotels for the tourist, and those are what the bazaar lives on. This is the pit stop you make before the big climb, you get a massive variety of climbing gears and outdoor activity gears, the higher you go the smaller the villages become and the costlier and rare good gear become.

There are a huge number of small houses; most of which are fairly simple, and many restaurants, cafes and even some of delicious bakeries. It has a post office, telephone facilities, internet, and a health and dental post at this point. If you are in Namche on a Saturday, it is worth visiting the weekly market, where traders from Tibet trade their goods. It is advisable to spend at least a couple of days acclimatizing in as you may undergo altitude sickness here. People usually trek till this point and adjust themselves with the higher altitudes and take sufficient amount of rest for the further climbing. Namche bazaar is reachable only by trek which is also one of the best ways to take in the beautiful view and connect with the mountains.

Do not fail to carry Tibetan handicrafts from this place .there is Sagarmatha National Park Visitor's Centre,  Museum of Sherpa Life, Museum of local medicinal plants and Tibetan herbal medicine for the spot over places here. 

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