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World Nepal Koshi Namche Bazaar Makalu Barun National Park
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Namche Bazaar
Koshi Makalu Barun National Park


Established in 1992 and covering over an area of 1500 km per square, Makalu Barun National Park has registered itself into the 'sacred Himalayan landscape'. The altitude for this park is as high as 26,000 ft., which is a mind boggling elevation. Snow carved mountains and sky touching trees are what it comprises of, leaving a trail of small streams and a variety of wildlife. This park mainly consists of 2 areas namely Solukhumbu and Sankhuwasabha. Ever since its establishment, two of the factors were key holders in its maintenance. While wildlife and cultural resources received top priority, it was followed by conservation of other natural resources and development of energy that somehow could help the state prosper too.

Makalu Barun National Park has been designated as a Strict Nature Reserve, in order to look after the natural ecosystems and processes in un-hampered state for scientific study, environmental monitoring, education and the maintenance of genetic resources. All of this was initiated in lieu of the endangering of animals and repletion of resources. The fauna is on a very diverse front. Over 400 species of birds have been sighted in the Makalu-Barun area, including two species never before seen in Nepal the spotted wrenbabbler and the olive ground warbler. Wildlife includes the endangered red panda, musk deer, Himalayan black bear, clouded leopard and possibly snow leopard, in addition to more substantial populations of ghoral, thar, wild boar, barking deer, Himalayan marmot and weasel, common langur monkey and the serow. The Arun river system contains 84 varieties of fish. 

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