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World India West Bengal Kalimpong
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India West Bengal Kalimpong

About Kalimpong

Kalimpong is situated at the foothills of the shiwalik range in the Himalayan region. Kalimpong is one of the most picturesque hill stations in the country and brings one closer to the miracle of Mother Nature. Kalimpong is located at an elevation of 1250 sq.ft above the sea level. The hill station is world-renowned for its flora and Buddhist monasteries. It is a wonderful sight to see the roads fringed on each side by lines and lines of these delicate and fragrant flowers.
The hill station is blessed with five distinct seasons’ summer, spring, autumn, monsoons, and winter. The best time to plan one’s trip to Kalimpong is in spring or summers since monsoons are very heavy and chance of occurrence of landslides is very high; the winters are very severe. The town was initially known as kaleebung, derived from the fibrous Kalium plant found in the region. The hill station is located close to other tourist destination named as Darjeeling, which gives it another advantage. The town is also in a proximity to the Indo-China border and is the gateway of trade between India and Tibet. There are a number of educational institutions in Kalimpong, which had originated from the British colonial times. The tourism and education are the primary industry in Kalimpong. The city of Kalimpong is situated on a bridge overlooking the Teesta River, is a popular tourist attraction because of its pleasant climate and proximity to other famous tourist locations. Some of the Places to Visit in Kalimpong are Deolo Hill, Mac Farlen Church, Bhutanese monastery - Tsonga Gumba, Durpin Dara Hill.

For adventure lovers, Kalimpong is a paradise on the earth you can do river rafting, trekking, para gliding, fishing, bird watching and many more other activities. The tourism city is a collectively influenced by a number of factors such as religion, natural beauty, historical monuments, and architecture, which make it both an exciting and culturally enriching journey for tourists.

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