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World Nepal Narayani Birgunj
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Narayani Birgunj

About Birgunj

Known famously as “gateway to Nepal”, Birgunj lies in southern Nepal and is attached to north of the border on Bihar. The city got its name from the Rana Prime Minister Bir Shamsher, thus being named Birgunj. It is a multilingual and multi-ethnic city. The place comprises of various ethnic groups, largest being the Tharus.

Birgunj is famous more for its economic importance than for its tourist attractions. The sight-seeing places include the Lord Buddha stupa located on a hillock known as Vishwa and the Gandhi Mai which is a well-known Hindu Goddess temple. The place is visited every year by hundreds of Hindu from all over the world, who come here to sacrifice animals as a gesture of their thankfulness to the Goddess. The unique thing about this sacrifice is the animals sacrificed here are sold for the highest amounts in the world.

The city of Birgunj has quite a few legends attached to it like to the west of Birgunj lies the Bindawasni temple. It is believed that Jang Bahadur Rana who was the first Rana minister held a massacre at this place in which hundreds of people died. Apart from its religious importance, Birgunj houses the Parsa Wildlife Sanctuary, which is the biggest wildlife park having hundreds of wildlife species like the elephants, Musk deer, Red Horned bills among others.

The unique mix of industrial and religious center can only be understood by visiting Birgunj.

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