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World Nepal Narayani Sauraha
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Narayani Sauraha

About Sauraha

Sauraha is basically a village located in the Chitwan district close to the Rapti River. It is situated very close to the Chitwan National Park and is sometimes referred to as the eastern gateway to the park. This place has grown from a small and quaint village into a town with hotels, restaurants, internet cafes and the like.

If you are a fan of jungle or wildlife safaris definitely visit the Chitwan National Park where you can spot rhinoceros, deer, monkey and the Bengal Tiger. It was the first National Park in Nepal and its most famous tourist destination. Bishazari tal, loated about 10km north-west of Sauraha is the perfect place for bird watching.

While roaming in this region you will come across the Tharu people who are the ethnic group indigenous to the Terai. It is fascinating to observe their culture since they are the people of the forest having no influence if any outside culture. The most striking aspect of their environment is the beautifully decorated homes having designs deep rooted into their culture and passed on from one generation to the next.
The Hindu religious site Devghat is also located close to this area which is a home to various temples and caves devoted to Hindu gods, goddesses and saints. The rich culture of this Sauraha makes it a unique destination for the travellers worldwide!

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