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Dhawalagiri Annapurna Circuit

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Annapurna Circuit, more popularly known as “Nepal’s classic trek” is one of the most splendid treks in the world. It is located within the Annapurna mountain range of Nepal. The trek starts from east of the Pokhara town and calling it breath-taking won’t be an exaggeration!
The scenic view of the Annapruna circuit is to die for (not literally). There are lush green rice paddies in the lower elevations and the enrapturing snow peeked mountains on higher elevations. It is a perfect combination of wilderness and culture, the wilderness not so large as to overpower you and people easily survive in this type of wilderness. The trek along this path will take you through different cultures and their monasteries which is thrilling enough on its own.

You never have to worry about food and shelter along this way since the Annapurna Circuit is also called as “teahouse trek”. The name is true to its image with the local communities having numerous guesthouses along the way serving delicious food and providing warm accommodation. The good thing about this trek is that it sits in a rain-shadow which makes it possible to trek parts of the circuit all year round.
Another thing to look forward to, is the world’s best downhill mountain biking areas as the road of the circuit facilitates transportation. Fall in love with the charm of Annapurna Circuit!

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