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World Nepal Dhawalagiri The Kingdom of Mustang
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Dhawalagiri The Kingdom of Mustang

About The Kingdom of Mustang

Mustang district or the erstwhile Kingdom of Mustang, situated on the border on Nepal and Tibet has preserved the last remains of the ancient Tibetan Buddhist culture. Having an elevation of 13,200 ft. it is located north to mountain ranges of Dhaulagiri and Annapurna and is therefore part of highlands of Tibet. The most attractive part pf this valley is that it is arid surrounded by colourful rock formations, eroded canyons, and appear like a barren desert.

Mustang has thousands of cliff valleys and many of it appears almost inaccessible to tourists. While passing through the valley you will come across many rural settlements, located between fields of barley which provide a deep look into the local culture. It is also home to many chortens and monasteries reflecting the Buddhist culture.

The highlight of this place is the visit to the Lo Manthang where the king of Mustang rules over his kingdom and resides over it which resembles more to the Tibetan culture than to the modern markets and temples of Kathmandu. Mustang is also famous for its springs, the Hindu and Buddhist pilgrimage site of Muktinath, its delicious apples and the Marpha brandy.

This place has a rich culture and history associated with it and is a popular tourist destination. Mustang is a must in the bucket list of people visiting Nepal!

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