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World Nepal Dhawalagiri Upper Mustang
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Dhawalagiri Upper Mustang

About Upper Mustang

The region of Upper Mustang is a remote and one of the most beautiful places to be in. Not only it should be a part of a trekkers itinerary but also of all those who wish to experience Tibetan culture like never before.

Located between Annapurna and Dhaulagiri, trek to upper mustang is the opportunity to sneak peep into the Tibetan culture. As it was restricted for the tourists till 1992, this place is the most preserved region.

Not only this “forbidden land” as it is popularly known, offers the most outstanding views a trekker can ask for. High peaks, glaciers, gorges, passes, alpine valleys, old architecture is all that is in store for you. Some of the world’s deepest gorges are also found here.
One needs to take a special permit to trek here which costs $500 for 10 days and additional days costs US $50 per day. In 2007 a local shepherd found 55 cave paintings depicting the life of Buddha.

During your trek you can also witness the old city Lo Manthang. The architectures found here are all made of stone and sun baked mud bricks. One can trek through this area all year long. Even monsoons’ do not affect the trek. During May the three day Teji festival is a must watch.

Because of the isolation, this place has untouched beauty and is a whole another world. If visiting this place, you would not be trekking but time travelling.

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