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Bandipur , Gandaki

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Hill-station, Trekking, Scenic
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Nepali, Tibetan
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Gandaki Bandipur

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The town of demure and charming atmosphere, Bandipur is basically an ancient trading town situated on the Kathmandu-Pokhra highway. This place has managed to retain its age old attributes attached to its rich culture. It still has its shrines, temples, holy caves and the renowned Newari architecture to boast of. This has led it to become a famous tourist destination.

Bandipur is sometimes described as a museum of Newari culture. Its lanes are lined with Newari traditional houses and the city is an epitome of its struggle to preserve its charm while developing the town for tourism. A visit to this place will make you experience how time stands still (not literally!).

The city has a European feel to it with the absences of motor vehicles, its 18th century architecture and the restaurants. A walk to the surrounding Magar villages gives a brief look into the local people and their vivid culture. It will take you back a step into the “age of innocence”, one that is untouched by civilisation.

Apart from this, Bandipur also has a mesmerising view of the Himalayas right from the Langtang peak in the east to the Dhaulagiri in the west. The best view is during the afternoons before sunset until dusk.

So Bandipur is the perfect destination to get in touch with the culture of Nepal and experience the guilelessness of this region!

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