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World Nepal Gandaki Pokhara Begnas Lake
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Gandaki Begnas Lake


The larger counterpart of the twin Begnas and Rupa tal. Spread across an area of 49kms, Begnas Lake is the second largest lake in Pokhara after the Phewa tal. Located in the Kaski district, Begnas is freshwater lake is rarely overcrowded with tourist which makes it so much better and cleaner than other lakes in Pokhara. Towards the north side of the lake are swamps and villages which in the recent years have seen a major increase in the amount of terraced fields around the lake. Particular portions of the lake are used as caged fisheries, a reason why Begnas has a renowned market of freshwater fishes.

The Begnas market, an animated picture of the local men, tourist, villagers selling home grown products and some sprawling restaurants and shops. A happening place for people around, a good place to socialize given the population is extremely friendly and helpful. A ridge passes between the Begnas tal and Rupa tal which gives spectacular views of the lake as well as the snowcapped Himalayan peaks. The villages are filled of homestays, budget hotels which feel far better than staying in the cramped proximity of the bazaar. The lake view and the Himalayas are fascinatingly beautiful and one simply doesn’t get enough of it. Highly recommended by tourists, you can paddle boat towards the other end of the lake, for which early mornings are the best times. While you’re at it, visit the international mountain museum which showcases the real life gears used by some of the greatest mountaineers who scaled the heights of every mountain in Nepal.

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