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World Nepal Gandaki Pokhara Tangting
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Gandaki Tangting


The Tangting village is a beautiful and demure village located outside of Pokhara in Nepal. This village sitting in the lap of Annapurna mountain ranges still remains untouched from the influence of tourism and all the things that comes with it. This village thus has a very pristine atmosphere which brings calmness to the soul. The cultural integrity of this place is intact in all its form which attracts the people coming here.The beautiful surroundings of Tangting can be experienced by walking around the village on its cobble-stoned path. The people of this village are friendly and are always kind towards tourists. The hand-woven fabric made by these people are a must have and also the magic munch biscuits. Remember when in childhood when we used to make tomatoes on trees? Well, you can see it turn into reality in Tangting. Yes! The tomatoes here grow on trees.

The village is beautiful in all natural resources as well as in its history, culture and social heritage. The local cuisine like Dhindo and Ghundruk are mouth-watering and needs to be tasted at least once. If you want to experience the true beauty of Nepal, do visit Tangting and experience the serenity it brings to your soul!

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