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World Nepal Gandaki Pokhara Davis Falls, Pokhara
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Gandaki Davis Falls, Pokhara


Davis Falls near Pokhara is a beautiful and amusing creation of nature, a recreational sight and a tourist attraction. Gets its name from the infamous incident of a Swiss woman (Devi) who drowned in the fall and was discovered 3 days later, dead. The fall marks the point where this river Pardi Khola stream magically vanishes underground into the cave of Gupteswar Mahadev. Although the caves been there for a longer time, the Devi’s fall and the park surroundings gained the much needed attention only after the mishap. The areas good for a fun day out, it has a wishing well, a random area with clay dolls wearing ethnic dresses where you can get a memorable picture clicked. The shops are cheap and the locals are well mannered. Reaching Devi’s fall is quite easy, taxis drop you right at the gate of Devi’s fall. The flow of the current and the force of the fall are the highest in monsoon, roaring, dangerous and overflowing. A little caution near the water and your visit’s going to be a good one.

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