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World Nepal Gandaki Pokhara Sarangkot
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Gandaki Sarangkot


Sarangkot is a village in the Sarangkot development committee. Located on the ridge of mountainside, Sarangkot has all its fame coming from the alluring view of the Annapurna ranges, which is one of the things people come to Sarangkot for. Especially mornings and evenings have been the most famous timings to experience the beauty of the mighty mountains of the Annapurna. However, Sarangkot as a village has so much more to itself then just a view.

Sarangkot is one of the fastest growing and well known hubs of adventure sports. Sarangkot is the launching point for paragliding; it has the longest and fastest zip line in the world which starts at the top of a mountain and runs down to the valley below. Hiking and trekking are something’s which is most popular throughout the country of Nepal. People have suggested and taken part in hiking and trekking trails to the top of Sarangkot. Sarangkot has an absolute lovely setup for the wildlife admirers, offering them some very unique experiences, like seeing a leopard strolling around in its natural habitat, and a lot of other animals in the natural wild setup, in their true charm. Take a bus or a taxi or systematically plan a trek till Srangkot from Pokhara. Whatever is the mode of convenience, the views on the way vanish all your fatigue and tiredness.

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