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World Nepal Dhawalagiri Pokhara Machapuchare
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Dhawalagiri Machapuchare


The Machapuchare literally means “Fish Tail Mountain” which is a majestic peak in the Himalayas. The most exhilarating thing about this place is that this spectacular peak is off limits for mountaineers and hikers, mainly due to its religious significance. You have probably never heard of anyone who has climbed Machapuchare and no one probably has!

This place has a religious sentiment attached to it. It is a sacred peak for the Hindus, associated with Lord Shiva. It is believed that Lord Shiva once lived on this very peak and thus the restriction on climbing this peak. It get its name from the shape of the summit when seen from a certain angle.

The only climbing record of this mountain is by Wilfrid Noyce who has come closest anybody ever has to the summit, in 1957. He was asked by the King of Nepal to respect religious sentiments and not set foot on the summit after which he retreated.

The religious status has worked in the favor of Machapuchare, leaving it as the only pristine mountain left in the Himalayas. Thinking about the place where no human has ever set foot on is enough to rouse wanderlust among many people and does have a romantic ring to it.
Machapuchare enforces the belief that maybe some places are only meant for celestial beings and humans are to insignificant to ruin it!

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