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World Nepal Dhawalagiri Lo Manthang
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Dhawalagiri Lo Manthang

About Lo Manthang

Lo Manthang used to be the capital of one of the most remote kingdoms in the world. This beautiful, ancient kingdom is hidden behind the Himalayas and was the capital of former kingdom of Lo.

It is a restricted area and entry is allowed only after taking the special permission from the government. The common people actually got the access to this place in 1992 so basically this place is untouched and still as spectacular as ever. One can find a palace, few houses and many monasteries. This place is very rich in art and history.

To reach this place one needs to trek and cross six rivers, which is not that difficult as what will be accompanying you is the beautiful landscape. There are hardly any vehicles that are seen here so all the traffic that one will face is by yaks, trekkers and mules.

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