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Narayani Chitwan National Park

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Situated amidst the lush green depths of greenery, blooming in the laps of serendipity and grace, Chitwan National Park is a sheltered jungle area packed with wildlife placed in the mid-south Terrai area of Nepal. Chitwan grounds were used by the royalty for hunting. Recognized in 1973, conservation orders were set in place to look after the remaining endangered animals lives here. In 1984 it became a UNESCO World Heritage site. The park is a home to many mammals as well. Going by the official records, it totals to 68 species of mammals, 544 of birds and 126 of fishes. There is an idea to be around 122 tigers in the park. Chitwan also carrys at least four hundred gaur (Indian bison) and offers a part-time home to as many as 45 wild elephants.

Chitwan is also Nepal’s most significant sanctuary for birds, with more than five hundred species traced, and there are also two types of crocodile and more than one hundred and fifty types of butterfly. Sauraha is a little town situated just outside of Chitwan National Park. Sauraha has a large selection of housing, tour agencies and restaurants. October to February there is a greater chance of witnessing tigers and other wildlife as they come out to the waterholes. Bharatpur is the adjoining airport which is about 10 km away or Take the tourist bus from Kathmandu or Pokhara. For all activities in the interior and outside, foreign visitors (Non-SAARC) are obligatory to pay NPR 500 for a park permit.

Park Fees :-

Nepali Nationals : 20
SAARC Countries : Rs 200
Foreign Nationals : Rs 500
Children under 10 yrs: Free

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