The 10 Best Restaurants in North Goa

Watch out all those fitness freaks, these North Goa restaurants will certainly test your limits. Italian, French, Chinese, the spicy desi ones, they will be the mermaids luring you into the enchanting depth of the ocean. Even the tough ones fall prey to those seducing cuisines! And you too will fall, but don’t let the guilt haunt you because there’s nothing to be ashamed when you fail fighting against the best! But when you fall just enjoy that moment. Grab a chair, take a long look at the menu, order something and let your tongue and desires take over. Let it enjoy all those flavours. Let it smoke with pepper, let it sweat with chilli, let it fret with sour; let it swim in delight with sweet. Goa is not just for your mind, it’s for your tongue to enjoy with the mermaids too!


1) Pousada by the Beach

Best North Goa Restaurants - Pousada by the Beach

Ever dreamt of having a meal with a gorgeous view of sunset and your loved ones around?  Too surreal, isn’t it? Well here at Pousada by the beach, it all comes true. This casual dining restaurant in Calangute has been serving Continental food since a long time and the sunset view from here never fails to attract visitors.

With outdoor seating and also a full bar available, it is very popular among the youth. It gives you the liberty of strolling on the beach after your meal or even before. It feels like that ideal life everyone wants to lead, and you feel lucky you came to this place! The ambience wins heart but they are equally good with the taste and the ingredients which are absolutely fresh. It is run by Neville and his two sons who are very welcoming. Their passion is evident from the moment you enter the place.

Chicken Xacuti, crispy fried prawns, fish and chips and chicken stroganoff are simply outstanding. The bruchetta is very fine and the fresh watermelon juice completely rejuvenates the beach baby in you.

The waiters are very humble, friendliest hosts and the service is quite fast. It closes for dinner so make you grab a nice lunch here.

Location: Calangute, Goa
Cost: Rs. 2,000 for two


2) Earthen Oven

Best North Goa Restaurants - Earthen Oven Goa

Holidaying in Goa, but bored of the seafood? Want to indulge into the taste of traditional North Indian masala dishes. Well, Earthen oven is the ultimate solution to it. This restaurant has that ‘hatke’ (different) factor as it serves authentic North Indian cuisine in the midst of a continental favoring place.

Serving traditional North Indian and Mughlai food, Earthen Oven offers a full bar, outdoor seating with dim lighting and live folk music. Dal makhani, paneer tikka, butter chicken, tandoori aaloo leave you reminiscing about the ‘ghar ke flavours’. The breads they serve them with are equally delicious. The Naan, the Rumali Roti and Butter Kulcha are a foodie’s heaven.

The staff is extremely helpful and the service is quite fast. It’s a value for money place that will leave your North Indian cravings fully satisfied.

Location: Candolim, Goa
Cost: Rs. 1,200 for two


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3) A Reverie

Best North Goa Restaurants - A Reverie Goa

If you want to dine at a place that is the perfect amalgamation of stylish living and food, this is the place for you. Run by two entrepreneurs Aakritee and Virendra, A Reverie has completed 14 years of excellence and is a top favorite of most of the visitors.

Situated in Calangute, it has an air of contemporary tropical chic. The elegant interiors, gorgeous lights, excellent service and soul stirring food makes this place perfect for a romantic dinner or a friends hangout.

The food brings flavors from around the globe to you. Among all the delicacies, mushroom risotto, tiramisu and wasabi prawns are truly a gourmet heaven. They have food that pleases the palate as much as it pleases the eyes. And trust me, you’d never regret bringing your corporate guests here.

The restaurant also boasts one of the largest and well stocked bars of Goa. French, Italian, Australian or Chilean,  name it and they have that finest wine for you. The cocktails offered have perfect combination of the ingredients and each has a different twist to it.

It also has live music which adds that extra charm to a perfect date evening. Dining in this restaurant is a complete experience. The taste lingers on your palate for long and It would undoubtedly make to your list of favorite restaurants. A Reverie has all the charm to bring you back to it whenever you’re in Goa.

Location: Candolim, Goa
Cost: Rs. 3,000 for two


4) Antares

Best North Goa Restaurants - Antares

A view of the Indian Ocean, mouth watering sea food,  outdoor seating and Masterchef Australia fame Sarah Todd’s handpicked delicacies. Doesn’t that sound perfect for a weekend getaway? It All comes true under this one roof named Antares which is located in Castor and is Sarah Todd’s own initiative to give people an experience of mini Australia in Goa.

With a seating capacity of 250 people, this restaurant has cottages with stunning ocean views which make way down to Beach Club. It has a full bar and live music and a multi layer layout which makes it very eye catchy. The Bruschettas and Grilled prawns adds to the Australian vibes.

The interiors have been made out of mostly wood and the ambience and music compliment each other perfectly.

Location: Anjuna, Goa
Cost: 2,000 for two


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5) Jardin D Ulysse

Best North Goa Restaurants - Jardin d Ulysse Morjim

When in Morjim and craving for an excellent breakfast,  head to this place. With a quaint outdoor seating arrangement which makes it stand out, Jardin D Ulysse is an ideal place to stop by to grab a bite or two of the delicious food.

Serving Italian, Continental and North Indian cuisine, this place attracts a lot of travelers and locals thus also providing a great interaction with people from across the globe. The staff is very guest friendly and the service is excellent. Rum steaks, homemade chocolate mousse and homemade liquor are its specialty. Lasagna, watermelon and feta cheese salad and fresh breads are loved by the visitors.

They also have live performances every week which attracts the young souls. The ambience is very positive and you would definitely want to visit this place every time you’re in Goa.

Location: Morjim, Goa
Cost: Rs. 1,000 for two


6) Le Poission Rouge

Best North Goa Restaurants - Le Poisson Rouge

If your taste buds are craving for some delicious fusion of Indian and French cuisine, this is the perfect place for it. It is owned by chef Gregory Nature who has worked in several Michelin restaurants around the globe. The restaurant’s menu, ambience and the staff, everything clearly displays the hard work gone into it.

It offers drool worthy seafood,  Mediterranean cuisine, and fusion of Goan and French cuisine. Located just across the Baga bridge, it is set in a charming tropical garden with coconut and palm trees around it. It also houses some intricate flowers that add charm to the place. The cocktails served are one of a kind and will leave you with multiple foodgasms.

Location: Baga, Goa
Cost: 2,000 for two


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7) Baba Au Rhum

Best North Goa Restaurants - Baba Au Rhum

Hidden between Baga & Anjuna this place is a gem. Amidst the hills and fields Baba Au Rhum is a choice you can take without thinking twice.Run by  Charles from France, the staff and service is just another character of this place which will find the good part of your heart.

The decour and the music goes hand in hand and makes this place perfect for a romantic dinner. It has a full bar and outdoor seating facility. Menu is mostly Italian and French cuisines and its well renowned for the thin crust pizzas cooked in wooden ovens. Their breads, croissants and cakes are also famous. But these are not the only ones.Listing out what’s good in here is not possible because there’s no space in here for the entire menu! Almost everything in here is destined to give your taste buds a good time.

If you’re in Anjuna, this is one place you should definitely keep in your bucket list.

Location: Anjuna, Goa
Cost: Rs. 1,000 for two


8) House of Lloyd’s

Best North Goa Restaurants - House of Lloyds

Wish to take your someone special far from the hustle and bustle of the city where there is food that’s fine and a lot of wine?  House of Lloyd’s, located in a quiet place called Saipem near Candolim, welcomes you to have this magical experience.

Rated as one of the best restaurants in Goa, this place is run by the Lloyds and is named after them. It is quite a drive from the mains but is truly one of the iconic places in Goa and totally worth that little extra mile. It is spread in the backdrop of their ancestral Portuguese home and has a very positive aura.

It offers heavenly seafood, authentic Goan cuisine and all the continental flavors. The roasted chicken, barbecue chicken, fried prawns and steamed fish are top favorites. Their cocktails are the most loved by visitors, especially the Lloyd special with jalapenos.

The place has a relaxed vibe with a wonderful DJ playing music from retro to contemporary. The servers give a very warm welcome and help you if you want any suggestions for your order. The service is excellent. It might be a little heavy on the pocket but it’s a Goa must do. If I had to sum up this place in a word it would be ‘Fantastic’!

Location: Candolim, Goa
Cost: Rs. 2,000 for two


9) The Black Sheep Bistro

Best North Goa Restaurants- The Black Sheep Bistro

Out-casting all the restaurants in its competition is the Black Sheep Bistro,is producing quality food and winning hearts since its inception. With a whopping 4.9 rating on the leading website zomato, the black sheep bistro, commonly called as BSB, is a leading name when it comes to the best Continental, European and German cuisine in Goa.

The place wins the heart in the first glimpse. Set in a colonial style bungalow, the restaurant is dimly lit. It offers a perfect ambience with a tinge of romanticism. The bar, the menu,  the interiors, everything has a little edge to it. The staff is very knowledgeable and courteous and their commitment to the job can be seen clearly.

They are truly a champion in the non vegetarian dishes but nonetheless offer lip smacking vegetarian dishes too. The Sangria, stuffed chicken breast, seafood paella are divine. So are the mushroom soup and pork chops. They offer handcrafted cocktails that are one of a kind. The combinations and variety of food gives you foodgasm. The cuisine has flavors from around the globe. The black sheep bistro is a perfect place for a friends hangout, family outing or a date with your beloved.

Location: Candolim, Goa
Cost: Rs. 1,500 for two


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10) Teaffany’s

Best North Goa Restaurants - Teaffany's

A popular eatery among the vegans, Teaffany’s on Arambol beach road has got all that you need for a perfect lunch. It offers French, Mediterranean and European cuisine. It has a rooftop with a great sea view and food tastes so much better when those sea winds brush across your face.

It’s a pure vegetarian bistro that serves Indo-French food. The salads, pasta, smoothies and it’s special cashew ice coffee are always in demand. The owner Teaffany and her entire staff is very welcoming.

They cater all the needs of the customer and every dish is crafted with perfection to leave no complaints. There is a freshness in air and it soothes the nerves to have such scrumptious food with the magnanimous sea that lies in front of our eyes.

Location: Candolim, Goa
Cost: Rs. 800 for two


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