Travel Etiquettes: Rules That Every Traveler Should Keep in Mind

An advice whether it is on daily lives or while travelling would be the last thing you want to hear. But bear with me for some time because after reading this, travelling will become bearable for many who travel with you!

Having an open mind and a closed mouth, all etiquettes while travelling will come down to these two things. Being conscious about the space for you and the person standing next to you, being nice to the plane crew, being considerate about the old, Being less chatty on a plane and in the hotel hallway and many more.

The list can go on and its almost never ending but here are some of the bad manners which found its place on the hall of the annoying in the travellers universe. Go through them and check if you are guilty of doing any one of them.

1) Air Travel – Look Before You Recline

Travel Etiquettes - Airplane Seats Recline

Imagine how you will feel if somebody or their kids kick on your seats when the guy in front of you slams his reclining seats on to your laptop when somebody fills up the luggage space right above you with their silly purses and backpacks when somebody talks too loud for a long time, when somebody plays video game without headset.

These are not everything there are several other elves of bad manners waiting down the line but I am not giving them even the honour getting mentioned! Put yourselves in others shoes and all of this problems can be solved.

Just notify the person sitting right behind you before reclining, talk slowly, and don’t play any sort of audios aloud. 

2) The No Man’s Land

Travel Etiquettes - India

There is no other place on earth where the concept of personnel space is brutally murdered like at the airports and in planes. An airport is also the only place where I can ask you to behave in certain way or do certain things because it is a place which acts alike in any country.

World is different when you step out of it. In an Airport, anywhere in the world, there are certain mannerisms followed by everyone irrespective of their nationality.

3) Don’t Cross ‘That Line’

Travel Etiquettes - Loud Phone Call 

When it comes to personal space we get pissed off if somebody intrudes ours but when it comes to others most of us take it for granted. Respect that imaginary line between you and the other person.

Staying close to him certainly won’t make the queue go faster.

Down below are some of the mannerisms we should avoid while traveling 

  • Crashing your roller bag on to others foot
  • Stumbling with the documents before check in
  • Not getting prepared before going through a Metal detector
  • Hogging the seat next to you in the boarding area
  • Speaking loudly on phone as soon as you have boarded the plane.

Keep your documents orderly and unbuckle your belt or unzipping the laptop bag earlier on this will save a lot of time for you and the people following you.

You might have lot of luggage and you might even be late for boarding but none of them qualify as an excuse for being careless and running over innocent passengers’ foot with your heavy roller.

4) Keep it Down – Move like a Thief

Travel Etiquettes - Loud Music Publicly

Just imagine yourselves sleeping in a hotel room with the help of a sleeping pill to fight off jet lag. After having a brief sleep, you had to wake up because the person next to your room just slammed his door shut making a very loud noise. At that moment that person will be the worst person in the world for you.

So don’t be that guy who walks around the hallway talking loud to the phone or plays his TV too loud. Move like a thief in the hotel and avoid making enemies from all over the world!

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5) Adapt, Don’t Intrude

Travel Etiquettes - Follow Local Rules & Customs

In some part of the world following road rules won’t get you anywhere. Most probably you will be stuck in the traffic for hours or waiting on the sidewalk trying to figure out a way to get to the other side without walking. 

Follow the rules till your penultimate breath! Assort to breaking it as the last way out. Adapt to the surroundings and try to get yourselves or others hurt.

6) Graffiti – Chain the Artist in You

Travel Etiquettes - Graffiti

Taj Mahal  is a the prime symbol of love but some disturbed souls who couldn’t afford to build something like that contend by inscribing their lovers name on those beautiful white marble walls.

In china, fed up with travellers pouring art on to the walls of The Great wall, they placed special white boards at ‘hotspots’ for all those can’t resist the itching of ‘art’!. Back in 2013 a teen defaced an Egyptian temple, and God knows weather it was a repairable damage or not!

Feel grateful because you were fortunate enough to witness all those great monuments which passed the test of time but they won’t be able great anymore if the artists won’t stop disfiguring them.

7) Tailpiece – Travel Etiquettes Around The World

Travel Etiquettes - Public Display of Affection

Here are some interesting facts which will help you while travelling abroad. Go through save yourselves some embarrassment if you visit any of these countries.

  • In America don’t forget to leave a tip to anyone who offered you a service.
  • In Korea it is considered very rude to blow your nose during a meal. Excuse yourself and use bathroom for that.
  • In Argentina Kissing on the cheeks is a normal greeting, even among men.
  • In India eat your food with the right hand Left hand is considered unclean
  • In Vietnam, although bare feet are customary in houses and temples, never expose the soles of your feet to another person, or towards a sacred image.
  • In Italy If a dish requires Parmesan, a bowl of it will be placed on the table. Asking for Parmesan if it isn’t provided is insulting to the chef.
  • In Dubai public display of affection is a big no even between couples.
  • In Japan tattoos are associated with yakuza gangsters. Hide yours the moment you step in
  • In France always greet the salesperson when entering or leaving a small shop.
  • In Nepal It is impolite to point with your fingers; use your chin instead.
  • In China finishing everything on your plate is insulting; it suggests your host hasn’t offered you enough food.
  • In Russia don’t smile at strangers
  • In Germany don’t walk with your hands inside the pocket


The true essence of travelling is experience. All those experience which makes you a better human being.

For seasoned travellers many of the above mentioned thing would be rectified but now they might be on the other side of the problem, the side of victims. They might have changed but the rest of the world hasn’t and this is a problem which doesn’t seem to get solved anytime soon.

But even if you are a victim find the goodness to forgive them from all those invaluable experience you’ve gathered

Keep these things in mind and travel safe…..

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