[Infographic] How to Pack Your Travel Bag

What is the most interesting part of a trip? For some it is the journey, for others it is the destination. Yet, for some others it is the start of the journey, the part where you pack your bags and see other members of the family floundering at such a simple task. But families, especially sibling rivalries can prevent common sense from prevailing in most situations. So, if you have ever wanted to best your elder sister at packing more efficiently, then you are at the right place and need to read on.

How to Pack Your Travel Bag 

We suggest the following steps:

1) Make a Plan

It would be best to take it as a battle. And no battle can be won without a proper plan. You do not have to write down the plan. It just has to be at the back of your mind and followed loosely. We suggest, that it should go like this.
• Make a Checklist
• Revise the Checklist
• Select the Appropriate Carriage
• Pack the things

2) Checklist

Making the checklist is almost half the work. If you have difficulty in gathering enough energy to actually take down the list, then there are easier and better ways to do things. If you have an android phone then using Google Keep or equivalent software in iOS can save lots of time, while making lists. You can just dictate the items and then easily rearrange them.

3) Revising the Checklist

After making the first draft, it is prudent to go over it and remove any unnecessary items which may have crept into the list subconsciously. The things which can be problematic and need to be looked out for are, an extra pair of clothes, boots, books, and journals.
If you are a budding fashionista and it is absolutely important for you to not wear the same dress twice, even then, it is better to pack clothes which can be worn in the maximum possible combinations. Let us go through this with an example: Say you pack a total of six articles of clothing. Then the maximum combinations possible with them should be 3 x 3, i.e. 9. Of course, that would only be possible if you had 3 tops and 3 bottoms.

4) Appropriate Carriage

If you are staying for the weekend at your best friend, then a simple duffel bag would do. But, if you are going to enjoy and party for the spring break, then a larger bag would be in order. And if this trip involves airports and security checkpoints, then using a wheeled vertical trolley bag would be more appropriate.

5) Packing the Things

Follow the following golden rules:

1. Pack the heavier things at the bottom.
2. Use the roll method to pack your clothes, using appropriate partitions in between layers.
3. Use compressor bags for winter outerwear stuff like jackets.
4. Always pack toiletries in a sealed bag, so that they won’t ruin your precious stuff, if something untoward happens.
5. Breakable items should be packed and layered between clothing.
6. It is better to carry high-value items on your person because you never know what will happen to you luggage and the insurance will only cover the weight of the items.

That is it, if you follow these instructions and golden rules, then you will pack efficiently and the whole thing will be fun. Remember, your goal in packing is to beat your siblings to it and wipe the smug expression off their faces, when they see that you have managed to pack efficiently, even more efficiently than them.

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