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How I found myself on a trek in Manali: Rajat Thakur

“That moment, when you are so close to danger and yet you know this is not the day you are going to die… I always liked that.”

Growing up in the lap of Himalayas, I had no trouble finding a place to set my foot amongst the boulders and valleys. In Manali Vashisht (Manali) my father is a mountaineering pioneer. I fell in love with the mountains before I knew it. I am a hotel management graduate because I wanted to help my family with the guest house and travel agency. Soon I graduated with a mountaineering degree, from the Atal Bihari Mountaineering Institute in Manali.

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Getting Inspired.

Even before getting a degree in mountaineering, I played around in the heights. Those days I watched people coming there to explore the mountains. Many of them were professionals. Watching them conquering the tricky terrain with ease, I was inspired to learn more about mountaineering.  

Apart from that, my father M.C.Thakur started a trekking company way back in the 1980’s. After the 1995 floods, he was awarded the “Jeevan Raksha Padak” by the President of India for saving the life of army personnel without caring for his own. This was all of the more reason for me to embark on a lifelong journey in the mountains.

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“I always believe that all this comes from within. But my father played a big role in what I am today. We had a travel company and I met so many people from around the world and I always liked going out with them. After graduating, I went straight into the travel business. I enjoy taking people to the mountains, guiding them and talking to them.”

Facing Fear

“Since childhood, I used to do be interested in bouldering and skiing, my dad also used to ski. He was the one who introduced skiing in Manali. I started skiing and bouldering in Sethan. It’s a good place for both. Summer is good for bouldering and winter has snow and that’s good for skiing.”

Explorati Rajat Snow Skiing IIn Himalayas in Manali Himachal Image Copyright ©Rajat Thakur 

With only fingertips between the cracks, I clawed my way up to the top of giant boulders and plunged down steep slopes of snow at neck-breaking speeds. I live for such ‘living on the edge’ moments.

Explorati Rajat Skiing Down In Himalayas Near Manali In Sethan In Himachal Image Copyright ©Rajat Thakur 

“That moment when you are so close to danger and yet you know this is not the day you are going to die, all you have to do is trust yourself and go on, I always liked that.”  

I have also been practicing Yoga for the last two years.

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Finding Enlightenment.

“It was a journey to Spiti valley when I went with our clients as a trail guide. During the trek, we came across this beautiful lake, Dhankar. I spent some time there, meditating. The cool breeze, fresh air and the silence gave me one of the best moments in my life. I realized that the joy of life for me is to keep doing what I love and keep inspiring people”

Moving On.

“I am the only child. I have to spend a lot of time with household work, guest house and the orchard, but in the end, I have to find time for myself too. Money is not everything. I have to make use of the off-season in Manali for my travelling and make the most of it”.

Explorati Rajat In Spiti Himachal With Kid MonksImage Copyright ©Rajat Thakur 

I grew up with towering peaks, glaciers and giant boulders. The heights and the cold don’t scare but soothe me. I adore every inch of the world I grew up in and I plan to celebrate it for the rest of my life.

I think the problem of having a heart for the heights is that they help you see more, and after that,  you will always want to see.

“Everything’s out there, explore and learn. Learn something until the day you die.”

Rajat is out there following his heart, learning new tricks to conquer the mountains living by doing what I love the most. Trodly wishes him the best in his future endeavors.

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