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6 Best Beaches In Pondicherry – Top Beaches Revealed


Most people who visit Pondicherry for the first time, expect to see a Goa there. Actually it’s much more than Goa. Of course you don’t get the beach shacks, countless number of beaches and their beach parties but what you get in Pondicherry is beautiful architecture, the great French and Chettinad food, same cheap alcohol and the laid back lifestyle. If you have time you can get in touch with your spiritual side as well with a visit or stay at Auroville.

If you are headed to the Pondicherry, don’t miss these top 5 beaches of Pondicherry.


1) Paradise Beach

Best Beaches of Pondicherry - Paradise Beach


Paradise beach is unarguably the best peach around Pondicherry. A visit to Pondicherry would be incomplete without a visit to this beach. Paradise beach is not an easily accessible beach from the main land and one has to take a boat ride across Chunnambar backwaters to reach it. Mind you the little extra effort is totally worth it.

Paradise beach is a beautiful, clean sandy beach and usually not very crowded. Reaching it on a speed or regular boat is an experience in itself. One can take the boat from Chunnambar Boat House. There is beer shop and you can rent beach beds to relax. Some water sports activities are also available here.


2) Promenade Beach

Best Beaches of Pondicherry - Promenade Beach

Not a typical sandy beach, Promenade beach is about 1.5 KMs long stretch of rocky beach with a wide pavement ideal for a walk. The road running parallel to the Promenade is closed to traffic every day from 6 in evening to 6 in morning. Just before sunset Promenade beach comes alive and the crowd keeps pouring in. A walk along the promenade is a must-do experience of a Pondicherry visit. There is a sea facing café here open 24/7 which serves some great food and shakes.


3) Veerampattinam Beach

Best Beaches of Pondicherry - Veerampattinam Beach


Veerampattinam beach is a long beach and the best beach around Pondicherry after Paradise beach. Veerampattinam Beach is about 7 KMs from Puducherry and is on way to Cuddalore, just before Chunnambar Boat House. The beach lies between rivers on both sides and you can spot lot of fishing activity here.


4) Auro Beach

Best Beaches of Pondicherry - Auro Beach


Auro Beach or Auroville beach is not really in Auroville but named so because it is close to Auroville Bus stop on East Coast Road. This is a small beach and very close to Serenity beach. You will spot few fishermen and their boats on the beach and mostly you won’t find lot of people here.


5) Serenity Beach

Best Beaches of Pondicherry - Serenity Beach


Named after its namesake restaurant, and not the best maintained beach around Puducherry, Serenity Beach is still worth a visit nonetheless. Best times would be to visit in mornings or evenings. There are a few restaurant and café so you can spend some good time on Serenity Beach. Also it’s a good spot to go surfing as waves crash quite heavily here. Serenity Beach is about 10 KMs north of Pondicherry off the East Coast Road.



6) Reppo Beach

Reppo Beach Pondicherry

At one of the northern-most end of the Pondicherry, there is beautiful relatively clean beach not much crowded. Thanks to lack of crowds except few fishermen with their boats, this beach is frequented by mostly foreigners and few tourists.


Although this nowhere close to an exhaustive list of beaches in Pondicherry, we have tried to list best beaches worthy of your visit based on different parameters such as crowd, facilities, activities and cleanliness.


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By Rohan

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