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Jog Falls

Jog Falls is the second highest plunge waterfall in India which gushes from an altitude of 253m. It is located on the River Sharavati. The thundering sound of its waters falling a few hundred feet to the bottom is impressive enough when heard from a close distance but that is nothing compared to the actual sight of Jog Falls, which greets visitors with its display of might especially during the monsoon season when it is at its full force.

Adventure seekers can climb down the valley and can reach the base of the Jog falls. Acrophobic people better avoid climbing down as the valley is very steep and deep. There nearly 1500 steps built from view point till bottom point where the tourists can get a clear view of Jog Falls on opposite side. The hike back up can be difficult and tiresome. Near the ravine, tourists can take the dip in the cool water. Trekking can be done in nearby valleys and camping nearby the river will be full of fun and adventure. Untiered and misty, occasional rainbows decorate it like a crown.

The Sharavati river waters are divided into four distinctive falls in Jog Falls namely Jog Raja Falls, Jog Roarer, Jog Rocket and Jog Rani. Fog covered valleys and waterfall mesmerizes the tourists.
When visitors have had their fill of Jog Falls, which is almost close to impossible, there are other great attractions in the area like the Sharavathi Valley Wildlife Sanctuary and the temples in Sigandur, Keladi, and Ikkeri.

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Fast Facts
Famous for/as: Scenic, Waterfall
Languages: Kannada & English
Altitude: 409m
Best time:
Current time: 11:38am Tuesday
( UTC 5.0 Hrs )
India Karnataka Jog Falls
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Quick Tips
Mohit There could be quite a crowd here, especially during the peak months. Mohit
Jul 09 2014
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Mohit To see falls from better perspectives, one should see from the slab of rock next to Bombay Bungalow. But be careful as it could be slippery in monsoon Mohit
Jul 09 2014
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Mohit Take adequate water with you if you decide to take the steps to the bottom of the fall. The hike back is little difficult and tiresome. Mohit
Jul 09 2014
I like it
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