Cafes in Bangalore

15 Must-Visit Cafes in Bangalore

Astonishingly, in the ‘Garden City of India’, Bangalore there still lot of parks and green spaces – and set in some of these beautiful locales are some excellent places to meet, grab a cuppa and settle down for a bite of grub. Apart from the cultural heritage sites and its natural environment, there are some relishing cafes in Bangalore that you are not allowed to miss out when you are here. Let’s have a look at what these cafes have to serve you.

1. Little Green Cafe

Cafes in Bangalore - Little Green Cafe

While you head towards Visvesvaraya Industrial & Technological Museum, you can visit Little Green Café which is on the way in Shanthala Nagar. Sometimes it is also identified as being located on Church Street known after St. Andrew’s Church which is not so far. The café is well-known for its healthy and taste enriching food which consists of variety of continental, Thai, Italian and beverages.

Little Green Cafe provides every possible service such as cozy dining, splendid ambience and friendly staff. Also you can browse free WiFi with safe smoking area in the café. The café is also kid and pet friendly. Ola Omelet and Berry Quinoa Smoothie are specialties of Little Green Café.

Address: Prestige Pearl House, Museum Road, Church Street
Zomato Rating: 4.3/5
Cost for two: ₹900/- (approx.)

2. Moto Store & Cafe

Cafes in Bangalore - Moto Store Cafe

Moto Store & Café is located near Ulsoor Lake in the Lake Square in the heart of Bangalore. The café is famous for Italian and Mexican delicacies especially pizzas and burgers. You can enjoy your day right from 9:30 in the morning until the day ends. People usually like wedges, Maggie, burgers, waffles and Aam Panna at Moto. The rates are reasonable for sure providing wonderful dishes that you must taste. It is featured in food hygiene rated restaurants in Bangalore and one of the great cafes. There is also an outdoor seating where you can enjoy some coffee and snacks while overlooking the beautiful Ulsoor Lake.

Address: Tank Road, Ulsoor
Zomato Rating: 4.2/5
Cost for two: ₹500/- (approx.)

3. Go Native

Cafes in Bangalore - Go Native

Situated in Jayanagar in Bangalore, Go Native is an amazing casual dining and café which best serves salads and Indian delicacies. It consists of peaceful ambience and captivating décor. Vegetarian food lovers will love this place as it is best known for vegetarian food that includes all types of salads, south Indian dishes and beverages. You can enjoy pure Indian taste of Indian Thali at Go Native.

Address: 5th Block, Jayanagar
Zomato Rating: 4.4/5
Cost for two: ₹1,000/- (approx.)


4. Cafe Pink Pajamas

Cafes in Bangalore - Cafe Pink Pajamas

Café Pink Pajamas is located amidst number of temples such as Shiva Temple, Jagannath Temple of Bangalore, Shirdi Sai Baba Temple and well-known Panchmukhi Ganesh Temple. Devotes visiting these temples usually pay a visit to Café Pink Pajamas and therefore, it is hustled with customers most of the time. Located in Kalyan Nagar, this café serves coffee and Italian food at its best. It has an amazing interior with contrast tables and chairs. Rates are quite reasonable and so, you can definitely enjoy your favorite food item without spending much.

Address: 2nd Block, HRBR Layout, Kalyan Nagar
Zomato Rating: 4.1/5
Cost for two: ₹600/- (approx.)

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5. The Teal Door Cafe

Cafes in Bangalore - The Teal Door Cafe

The Teal Door Café is famous for South Indian and Continental cuisine. Also, sandwich, mocktails and Murg Makhanwala are some other special dishes at Teal Door. The café serves with garden like roof top dining as well as outdoor seating which presents mesmerizing view of Ulsoor Lake. People spend some precious time on weekends listening to live concerts that are held here. Teal Door is featured in Great Cafes which is a proof of it being unique and also, people’s reviews adds to the list.

Address: 2nd Main Road, Binnamangala, Hoysala Nagar, Indiranagar
Zomato Rating: 4.3/5
Cost for two: ₹800/- (approx.)


6. Qube Café

Bangalore Cafes - Qube Cafe

Qube Café is a well-maintained place to hangout, with cozy ambience and tasty food. Menu here is quite versatile. Apart from superb coffee and beverages you get many options to satiate you appetite. Desserts rule the café though. Staff is quite courteous and outdoor seating is available. You can also cherish the outside view of busy lanes with shopping stalls, while you book a window table. Chicken shots are one of the specialties of Qube Café that you must try whenever you visit.

Address: Koramangala 4th Block
Zomato Rating: 4.2/5
Cost for two: ₹600/- (approx.)


7. Marzipan Café & Bakery

Cafes in Bangalore - Marzipan Café & Bakery

Marzipan Café & Bakery aces with amazing Mediterranean and Greek food along with stellar desserts at much reduced cost. The café serves authentic food and possess a very cheery atmosphere. The cozy set up gets more enriched with walls decorated with quotes, blue-white colored interior and friendly host. Salads, Chicken Baguette, Mudcake and fresh watermelon juice are a must try at Marzipan. The café is among one of the great cafes and serves outdoor seating with scenic beauty.

Address: Ulsoor, Richmond Road, Sankey Road, Brigade Road (Multiple Locations)
Zomato Rating: 4.1/5
Cost for two: ₹700/- (approx.)

8. Cafe Cerrise

Cafes in Bangalore - Cafe Cerrise

Another café located near Ulsoor Lake, Café Cerrise is basically a private residence turned commercial spot consisting of a small nursery and traditional ethnic clothing area. One needs to pass through the nursery to reach Café Cerrise. It is a beautiful experience to eat and enjoy in such a lovely dining place. Key Lime Pie with perfect proportion of condensed milk and lime is a popular delicacy of this place. The café also best serves continental and Italian food.

Address: Mudaliar Road, Near Ulsoor Lake
Zomato Rating: 3.8/5
Cost for two: ₹600/- (approx.)

9. Art Blend Cafe

Cafes in Bangalore - Art Blend Cafe

Art Blend Café makes you feel homely with its intimate and extremely cozy environment. Situated near Parangi Palya Bus Stop in Bangalore, it is famous for continental and Chinese food. As the name suggest, it is a complete blend of art where artists, painters, writers and coffee lovers come together to form a art reunion. You can surely enjoy quality time with your dear ones. Readers are lucky to get a bonus here. They can pick any book from the book shelf in one corner inside the café, with a sip of purely blended coffee. It surely becomes a relaxing time for mind and soul.

Address: 4th main road, Silver county road, Harlur
Zomato Rating: 3.5/5
Cost for two: ₹900/- (approx.)

10. DYU Art Cafe

Cafes in Bangalore - Dyu Art Cafe

It is the combination of café and art gallery as the name suggests. The interior of Dyu Art Café gives a clear sense of typical South Indian houses having sloped roofs made up of bricks and small corridors. It serves Italian and fast food along with bakery items and wonderful desserts. Staff is very courteous and also available is the outdoor seating. It is one of Bangalore’ finest cafes.

Address: Koramangala 5th Block
Zomato Rating: 4.5/5
Cost for two: ₹800/- (approx.)

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11. Indian Coffee House

Indian Coffee House Bangalore

Indian Coffee House, one of India’s most famous restaurant chains is run by a series of worker co-operative societies. One of its branches is located on Church Street, Bangalore. It is the most affordable restaurants if you ever want to fill your stomach with tasty and inexpensive food. It is well served with typical South Indian taste in Bangalore, its menu consisting of every South Indian dish. It is called as a legendary place for coffee as the name suggests. It has been featured in Legendary Outlets and Great Breakfast places in India. Morning hours are the busiest as people prefer doing breakfast at Indian Coffee House before leaving for their daily work.

Address: Church Street & Koramangala
Zomato Rating: 4.0/5
Cost for two: ₹200/- (approx.)


12. Hill Station Cafe

Cafes in Bangalore - Hill Station Cafe

Hill Station Café is a perfect place for a short break from daily chaotic routine. It is a comfortable place to sit and relax with some coffee or clack tea with vast variety of cookies. It is primarily a quaint small café on the outskirts of Bangalore near Kalkere Lake. Hill Station Café is popular for its bakery products such as pancakes, colorful tasty pastries, cinnamon rolls, variety of tea and coffee.

Address: Byrathi village, Hennur
Zomato Rating: 4.4/5
Cost for two: ₹500/- (approx.)


13. Brahmin’s Coffee Bar

Cafes in Bangalore - Brahmin’s Coffee Bar

It is the most popular place in Bangalore for early morning typical South Indian breakfast. The restaurant sees tremendous rush during early morning hours as people energize themselves here before leaving for their daily chores. It opens at 6 am from Monday to Saturday. Over the year, it has emerged as an institution in itself that serves the best South Indian dishes at a very fare price. Also available is continental food at Brahmin’s Coffee Bar. It is mostly famous for vegetarian food.

Address: Near Shankar Mutt, Shankarapura, Near Basavanagudi
Zomato Rating: 4.8/5
Cost for two: ₹200/- (approx.)

14. Om Made Cafe

Cafes in Bangalore - Om Made Cafe

This is a perfect place to spend your day with some sweet and when it is famous mug of hot chocolate. Om Made Café is globally well known for its green smoothies and light meal varieties. Its menu mostly consists of European food items and desserts. They also serve best meat and grilled sandwich to satisfy your fast food cravings. Juices and pancakes are something you can try and never regret. The café is perfectly set for romantic dates. So, couples do not miss out Om Made Café when you are in Bangalore.

Address: Koramangala 5th Block
Zomato Rating: 4.1/5
Cost for two: ₹1,300/- (approx.)

15. Third Wave Coffee Roasters

Cafes in Bangalore - Third Wave Coffee Roasters

Third Wave Coffee Roasters is well known for variety for pure coffee and chocolates. The café is featured among great cafes and great breakfast places. The restaurant offers dinners with wide variety of continental food and desserts. May it be sunny day or a cool evening, natural lights and cool breeze through windows make the ambience of the café more soothing. Glazed mushroom dough or pancakes make a perfect combo with flavored coffee at Third Wave Coffee Roasters.

Address: Koramangala, Sadashiv Nagar, Indiranagar, HSR
Zomato Rating: 4.4/5
Cost for two: ₹800/- (approx.)


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