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7 Easy Hikes Around Bangalore


Karnataka weaves together the geographical and cultural threads that makes of the state’s destinations distinctive attracting large number of tourists every year. The state has a lot to offer the varieties of Indian art and craft, traditions, cuisine and people. The state is a wonderful blend of natural beauty all around into which you can devote yourself for some time. There are some amazing hikes around Bangalore and also in Western Ghat in Karnataka that you can try with your gang. Some of which that you can include on your itinerary while being on day trips in Karnataka are-

1) Antara Gange

Hikes near Bangalore - Anthargange Trek

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Antar Gange which literally means “Ganges from deep” is known as Kashi of South, as it houses Kashi Vishweshwara Temple with its dedication to Lord Shiva. The hill outcrop consists of lot of caves around it. Tourists also enjoy trekking and night camping here. You can start your day with a sip of typically blended tea/coffee at the foothill of the mountain before beginning your hike. You have to start up your hike from backyard of Shiva Temple. The Antar Gange hike is a complete adventure consisting of rocky platforms and dense plantations in all its dimensions where one can calm your mind and soul meditating on the top. In the temple is a pond which gets continuous flow of underground water from the mouth of Basava (stone bull).


2) Bheemeshwari

Hikes near Bangalore - Bheemeshwari Wildlife-Sanctuary

Bheemeshwari is one the most exotic adventure and nature camps in Karnataka with zip lining, kayaking and other adventure activities. It is an extremely relaxing place to chill especially when you are with your buddies. There are number of wooden cottages and tents to halt under the sparkling stars when you are camping. You can also rent fishing nets to sit at the bank of Kaveri waiting for famous Mahseer fish to fix into your net. Sunset from the pinnacle of the mountain is breathtaking where you surely get lost into nature’s beauty. This camp is full of strengths to cut you off from daily tiring routine. You can organize halts in Mud Cottages, Tent House or Wood Cottages among the wild scenes of Bheemeshwari. It is thrill with fun for sure.


3) Savandurga

Hikes near Bangalore - Savandurga hike Bangalore

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The largest monolith hill in Asia, Savandurga rises 1227 meters above sea level and forms a part of the Deccan plateau. It is popular for challenging rock climbing and scenic views. It is an amazing experience to start your trek to Savandurga early in the morning from Bangalore. While moving upwards, you will come across a splendid Dam and special flora and fauna of the region. It specifically includes yellow-throated bulbuls, long billed and white-backed vultures. Also seen are sloth bear and leopards. Beautiful views, fresh air and enthralling physical exertion make your day. Magnificent forests, steep valleys and babbling gorges characterises Bheemeshwari.


4) Hogenakkal Falls

Hikes near Bangalore - Hogenakkal near Bangalore

Hogenakkal is a mesmerizing waterfall that is 10 km away from Bangalore, on River Kaveri. It becomes a major tourist attraction as it provides opportunities such as bathing in its white waters and boat rides. Sometimes, the falls is also referred as “Niagara Falls of India”. You can relish yourself with freshly cooked continental food with sitting arrangements under the splashing waters of the falls and take a bumpy ride in adventurous boat rides. The falls is actually located in Dharampuri district of Tamil Nadu. The best season to visit is during monsoons as you will get to see different shades of green and rivers in full series. After completing boat ride through the gorge, satisfy your hungry stomach at various stalls set up on the sand which consist of mostly local specialties.


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5) Nandi Hills

Hikes near Bangalore - Nand hills hike bangalore

Nandi Hills is a town in the south-eastern zone namesake after ‘Nandi’ bull, chariot of Lord Shiva according to the Hindu mythology. Approximately 60 km from Bangalore, the place possesses importance because of its ancient temples of Shiva and Parvati. Adventure junkies can fulfill their whims by trying paragliding, climbing up Tipu’s Drop cliff or cycling to the top of Nandi hills on a cloudy day. Amrita Sarovar which is a major source of water supply to this region is a uniquely built structure with symmetrical square stairs on four sides. Bhoga Nandeeshwara and Yoga Nandeeshwara are places of silence similar to Brahmashram where people come to meditate.


6) Ramanagara

Hikes near Bangalore - Ramanagara adventure day trek

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Ramanagara is a small town in Karnataka whose base comes from the epic historical story of Ramayana. There exists Ramadevara Betta Hill which is less explored yet a wonderful trek with cool climate. You need to climb around 300 steps to witness a beautiful view of Ramanagara from top of the hill. It is definitely worth the effort. Ram Temple is the main attraction of Ramanagara namesake after Lord Ram. Also, the place is well-known for shooting of legendary film of Hindi Cinema, Sholay. At a distance of 52 km from Bangalore, situated is an ancient folk art museum named Janapada Loka which is an epitome of cultural examples of rural India. You can pour your heart out at Wonderla Amusement Park nearby if you are an adventure freak.


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7) Skandagiri

Hikes near Bangalore - Skandagiri Bangalore

Skandagiri also known as Kalavara Durga is a mountain fortress located approximately 62 km from Bangalore. You must definitely visit this place when you are on your way to Nandi Hills or Muddenahalli. The trek is just 3 km from Nandi Hills. The trek is Nature would always be silent and shining at Skandagiri. If you ever wish to experience a trek with cool breeze flowing through the mountains on a bright white full-moon night, this is the place for you. While climbing up, you can carry some snacks or energy drinks to get rid of tiredness you may face. As the day passes, the view becomes more beautiful with the sun setting dispersing different warm shades onto the stones. You can even enjoy night camping especially when it is full-moon night.


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