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Skandagiri , Bangalore

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4-8 Hours
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About Skandagiri

Skandagiri is one of the many hill forts around Bangalore, famous for night trekking. The distance of Skandagiri hills from Bangalore is 60 Kms and only 5 kms from Chikkaballapura. This hill is also known as Kalavara Durga by locals. Trekking to the hill top is quite an adventurous experience which makes this a favorite destination for trekkers. 

There is not much left of the fort now but dilapidated walls of this fort built by Tipu Sultan can still be seen today. Skandagiri is also famous for beautiful sunrise among rising clouds seen from its hill top. Like most accessible hills in India, there is a small temple atop Skandagiri. 

The Skandagiri trek is about 8 kms long and takes 4-5 hours to complete from the base. The trail is marked and must be followed to avoid any mishap. Reaching the top just before sunrise and the panoramic morning views from top make this night trek a worthwhile experience. Most treks include a bonfire on top. There are some 18th century ruins of a fort built by Tipu Sultan. 

Prior permission from forest department is required to go on this trek. Hiking on Skandagiri during night without permission is strictly banned and there are frequent police patrols and check points. Skandagiri trek booking can be done on Trodly. 

Nandi Hills are nearby and only 23 kms from Skandagiri. Skandagiri is a great option for a weekend adventure trip from Bangalore.

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