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World India Karnataka Bangalore Grover Vineyards, Bangalore
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India Karnataka Grover Vineyards, Bangalore


40 kilometers toward the north of Bangalore, stretches a region that has recently come to the world’s attention. Today, it has triumphantly risen as a rich wine producing area which was once Tipu Sultan’s domian and later, the British summer retreat. Nandi Hills is a picturesque region dotted with sloping green hillsides and miles of forestland, inhabited with incredibly beautiful wild life. In such paradisiacal landscape, stand these vineyards.

Grover Vineyards spread over 410 acres and nestled on the foothills of the Nandi Hills at 920 meters above the sea level.

The region offers tranquil surroundings, a rich history and beautiful vistas to the travelers and also allows people to train their binoculars over the spectacular Asian Paradise Flycatchers, Bulbuls, Blue Capped Rock Thrush, Tawny Eagles, and Puff-Throated Babblers etc. Nandi hills’ limestone abundant soil gives the Grover wines their distinctive, terroir-driven earthiness with depth, richness and aromatic complexity.

The vineyards also offer a tour of their wineries along with wine tasting and a delicious lunch buffet from 10:30am to 3pm every day. You can book it here.

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