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World India Karnataka Chikmagalur
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India Karnataka Chikmagalur

About Chikmagalur

Chikmagalur or Chikkamagaluru is a lovely hill station to escape when city stress become a bug annoying the life out of you because Chikmagalur will totally put you at peace. This is where the first coffee plant was grown apparently by none other than the holy Baba Budan who brought the seeds all the way from Yemen on his return journey from Haj. Hence coffee here supposedly tastes heavenly. The plantations at Mysore, the Nilgiris or even Coorg are said to be descendants of the first plantation here. It’s a place that reflects the true spirit of India given that it houses grand monuments representing just about every major faith of the nation.

The Kondandarama temple, the Jamia masjid and St Joseph’s Cathedral are equally beautiful. The shell-shaped portico of the church is indeed worth seeing and the ancient Ishwara temple at Hiremagalur is very fascinating. It has an interesting figure of Jademuni and a Yoopasthamba erected by the Pandava descendant Janmejaya. Belavadi, located not too far away can be visited after a journey of not more than 30 KMs. The Veeranarayan Temple built in the Hoysala architecture will make a deep impression in your memory. It’s very hard to forget given its spectacular art-work and venerable heritage. 

A traveler can also make a trip to the Durga Fort atop a hill in the Western Ghats located in the midst of lush green forests. Just try visiting this place at dawn and see the magic. The earth looks like a better place when the sun kisses the Durga Fort early in the morning. You may also hike your way into the forest of Kemmenagundi and see the Shanti falls at Z point. This sight totally lives up to its name. The sound and the spray of water infuses the mind with an inexplicable amount of peace. It pleasures every sense of a human being. The petrichor of the forest floor, the coolness of the ambiance and the beauty of nature come together to make a person forget the world. The photographers and the wildlife enthusiasts have multiple treats in store for them.

Mullayanagiri peak is one of the most famous tourist attractions of Chikmagalur and is absolutely must visit place. The Muthodi wildlife sanctuary is eagerly waiting to please you endless. The deciduous forest is home to a wide array of flora and fauna and the wildlife here receives guests only in the autumn, winter and spring. The sanctuary is closed to the public in April, May and June. Panthers to flying fox feel safe here. Bird watchers do not feel left out. You are most welcome to put this place in your basket list too. Travelers may also take a detour to Kudremukh and the Mahatma Gandhi National park. This place abounds in forests and it is the wild that has made way for the so-called urban. A true travelers life is never fulfilled unless he has tasted the jungles away from civilization so don’t miss up on the chance to create your own adventure at Chikmagalur.

Lush green Coffee plantations of Chikmagalur are a treat to eye and take breadth away. The famous Indian Cafe chain - Coffee Day has its plantations here. They also maintain a fabulous resort, The Serai, near Chikmagalur. Chikmagalur is a popular weekend getaway for the citizens of Bangalore.

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Do not forget to visit Mullayanagiri Peak and temples in Belur, Halebidu as all these places are nearby.
Jeeps or SUVs are available for hire to reach some remote areas of this hill station.
Money exchange facility isn't available here. Get it exchanged before you reach this place.
Jan 08, 2014
The nearby Bhadra wildlife sanctuary offers breathtaking scenery.
1 like
Sep 13, 2014
During monsoons the place is amazing, but expect showers anytime and be prepared for rains.
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Richa Sharma
Jan 08, 2014
An ideal destination for a road trip from Blr. There are many places nearby Chikmagalur which are easy accessible if you have your own vehicle.
I like it
Jun 17, 2014
Ideal places to stay here are up in the hills while actual town is below.
I like it