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World India Karnataka Belur
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India Karnataka Belur

About Belur

Belur, located on the banks of river Yagachi about 40 km from Hassan, is world famous tourist destination because of the ancient temples here. The town is most famous for its Chennakeshava temple, one of the finest examples of Hoysala workmanship. When Halebidu was attacked by the North India’s sultans, the kingdom moved their capital to Belur. From the 11th to 13th centuries, the Hoysalas ruled parts of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu from here.

The main tourist activity in this area is temple viewing. Aside from viewing temples, take some time to sit in cafes and restaurants, sip a cup of chai or local coffee while chatting with the locals, they can tell you stories from the past and the present situation in Belur. Coffee is the main crop in the region. Ragi Mudde is a popular meal across Karnataka and is widely available. Being a small temple town, Belur is hardly a center for shopping. Books, trinkets and souvenirs are sold by vendors outside the temple grounds and around the area.

Beautiful scenarios can be seen while travelling in Belur. Coffee, rice,finger millet, pepper, cardamom, ginger and sugarcane are produced in the region. The Chandragiri Hill near Shravanabelagola is one of the best places to relax as well as the Vindhyagiri Hill. Take care of your belongings and avoid being alone during the night. Guides offer their services at many of the temples. They are very trustworthy but try to negotiate and agree over a price to avoid disputes. Be careful while driving or walking in the hills too.

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Belur and Halebid have limited stay options available. Either do hotel reservations in advance or arrive well before sun sets.
Alternative stay options are at Chikmagalur and Hassan both of which are less than 1 hour drive from here.
Its advisable to take services of a guide at prime attractions such as Chenna Keshava Temple to understand stories depicted on the temple walls.
Do NOT throw away the prasadam you get in temples. If you do NOT want to eat it, do NOT take it.
Apr 01, 2015
Being a temple town, only vegetarian food is available in the Belur.
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