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World India Karnataka Mangalore
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India Karnataka Mangalore

About Mangalore

One of the fastest developeing cities of India and gateway to southern state of Karnataka, Mangalore has been ruled by many Indian rulers as well as the British and the Portuguese. After Independence, the city boomed; in the present day it is a fast growing player in the IT sector as well as an important educational center and home to many students.

Alternative activities near Mangalore include trekking in the western ghats- guides are recommended, and surfing. The mantra surf club can be found twenty four kilometers from Mangalore at Mulki. There are temples and historical sites to see, too. Swimming is considered safe in some areas but not in others, be sure to double check swimming is considered safe before getting in the water.

Udupi style local eateries are the places to get cheap south Indian food. The excellent eatables include idli, wada and various dosas. Seafood and Keralan food are also widely available. If you want to spend a little more, try renowned restaurants such as The Saffron Spice. Mangalore is probably more of a place for shopping in malls than hunting down bargains in bazaars. Head to the Bharath Mall, the City Center Mall, or the Excel Mall.

Adventurous travelers can try wildlife spotting at the Kadri Hill Park. Mangalore is also famous for ice-cream; it is sometimes dubbed ice-cream town. Malaria and Hepatitis A are risks in Mangalore, so make sure to be up to date on vaccinations and anti-malarial medication, as well as protecting against mosquito bites. Eating with your hands is hygienic as long as you sanitize your hands. Take care when swimming and make sure to use bottled or filtered water even when brushing your teeth. 

Get into Mangalore by plane, train or bus; this is one of the biggest transport hubs in South India. Mangalore International airport is about twenty kilometers from the city center. As well as the two main stations, Surathkal and Udapi train stations are also nearby.

Mangalore is well served by bus. Local buses run from the bus stand just north of the city center. Most private buses to Mangalore stop at the Town Hall, near the State Bank of India. Many semi-luxury and deluxe buses leave from outside the Milagres church in Mangalore.

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Mar 12, 2014
There are a lot of beautiful beaches nearby. St. Mary's Island being one of them, which has natural
I like it