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World India Karnataka Hassan
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India Karnataka Hassan

About Hassan

Being a temple architectural capital, Hassan is one of the important districts in  the Karnataka State of south India. Located at an altitude of 934 m above sea level, Hassan is a city of pleasant climate. The city was under the control of the Hoysala Dynasty from 11th century till 14th century. The finest Shiva temples in and around Hassan was built by the Hoysala when the rulers was at the peak bringing in every place in southern India under their control. However, an earlier ruler of Hassan was the Jain. Hassan is the home town for Master Control Facility for ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization).  This credit goes to a Chieftain, Channa Krishnappa Naik.

Hassamba, the powerful Goddess resides over the temple in Hassan, which got its name from the Goddess. A fair is organized every second week of October when the Hassamba Temple is opened for devotees. The major occupation of Hassan is agriculture.  Hassan serves as a base from where the tourists can visit many other monuments.

There are lots of sightseeing to be done by tourists in and around Hassan. The splendid architecture of various temples in Belur, Shravanabelagola, Halebid, etc. are strikingly beautiful. Hassan offers accommodations ranging from budget hotels to luxurious resorts. Most of these hotels also offer package tours to travellers. The local cuisine of Hassan includes dishes made up of ragi, rice, jowar, bajra, etc. Hassan cuisines are the mixture of Kodagu, Mysore and Dakshina Kannada recipes.

Tourists must taste several recipes like Ragi mudde, Kadabu, Sandige, Talipittu, Midigayi Pickle, etc. Iyengars, the important community from Hassan, are the founders of delicious bakery items like cakes, puffs, breads, etc. Tourists can also pack some of these items while going out for sightseeing. The city is famous for silk, ivory and sandalwood crafts. The craftsmanship is more intricate and one can never stop buying these items. There are many shopping areas in Hassan.

Travel to Hassan and you will surely have a memorable experience.

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