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World India Kerala Bekal
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India Kerala Bekal

About Bekal

Bekal has historically been an important maritime center and port town, hence Bekal Fort, which was built almost entirely for defense purposes. Although Bekal is small, it was an important strategic point. Aside from viewing the fort, the town and the nearby hill stations, visitors can laze on the beach or visit the nearby water park. There are opportunities for trekking and boating on the backwaters in the area.

Aside from the classic Keralan dishes such as fish fry, puttus and idlis, there are local sweets here such as Holiga. Coconut water, bought fresh from local vendors, makes a cheap, healthy and refreshing drink. Bekal is a small town and not a center for shopping. There are though, local handicraft and souvenir sellers, and some nice souvenirs of Bekal Fort.

Another attraction is the MallikDeenar Mosque, which is only 3 kilmometers from Kasargod. Malik Deenar came from Arabia with the goal of spreading Islam in this part of India. . The mosque was built in AD 642 and later renovated in 1809.

Thayyam is a fascinating local dance that could be considered a specialty of this region. Another interesting fact about the area is the number of languages spoken here.  It is called the land of seven languages by some, yet if one accounts for those who understand Hindi and English, it is the land of nine languages.

As elsewhere, watch your belongings, avoid unknown areas late at night, and avoid mosquito bites. Also be sure to only swim in designated areas watched by lifeguards. To reach Bekal take the train to Kasargod or Kanhangad. From both towns, there are buses available for a fare of around ten rupees to Bekal.

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