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World India Kerala Wayanad
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India Kerala Wayanad

About Wayanad

Wayanad, the name derived from Vayal Nadu popularly means the land of paddy fields. Largely a retreat for the nature lovers, it is home to the oldest tribes. Land untread, untouched and unspoilt.

It is also the 12th district of Kerala which is blessed with beautiful entangled Jungles, dense forest and deep valleys. Wayanad is endowed with rich tribal culture embellished with various art forms and dance styles. Around two third of the district population is tribal which include various sects such as Ooralis, Adiyars, Kurums, Paniys etc. These sects have their own unique dance style of which the most popular and well known dance style is the fire dance. People in these tribes lead a tranquil and an Eco friendly life with things made out of bamboo, clay etc. They live in Thatched roofs, Bamboo, bricks and mud houses situated in the swampy plateaus and valleys.

The Adivasis or tribal culture is a culture characterized by a rich legacy of art and craft forms which includes music, dance, handicraft reflecting inspiration from natural theses, exquisite ornamentation and various motifs and materials unique to the Adivasis culture and tradition. The Adivasis ancestors constituted the army of Pazhassi Raja who faced and fought the British forces in many battles. The descendants of these Adivasis warriors and even today demonstrate their expertise in archery. Their rare talent has been showcased and well appreciated at various well known centers.

Wayanad is a land of mighty mysterious mountains, fantastical yet fascinating legends, caves aborigine tribes, their preciously preserved art and tradition and vibrant and exotic wildlife. Wayanad is one of the world’s last surviving zones of tropical biodiversity; its terrains are classified by a rich tribal history and elaborate stretches of wilderness and natural beauty. 

Wayanad is a perfect place to be tread on foot as you unravel the magical mystique of this little quaint city. One can also visit the Glass temple of Koottamundu and the Bansura Sagar Project.

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This is bio-diverse area, take care to not litter the place.
Jul 02, 2015
Wayanad is a district with attractions spread over large area in different directions. Plan to stay accordingly based on places you want to visit.
Richa Sharma
Jan 04, 2014
Make sure you visit the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary.
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Jamil Sayed
Aug 19, 2015
Plz suggest which is the best location to stay in the district of Wayanad.
I like it