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World India Kerala Wayanad Kalpetta
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India Kerala Kalpetta


A serene and silent town in the Wayanad district in Kerela, Kalpetta is nestled in between the coffee plantations and lush green mountains. Rich in bio diversity being part of the Western Ghats, Kalpetta offers a picturesque backdrop to every traveler entering the city.

Kalpetta is not just famous for coffee and spices but for its scenic falls and treks along green surroundings.There are lots of falls in the surroundings that one can enjoy experiencingIndulge in trekking along routes like Chembra peak or the Neelima Viewpoint. One can even go rock climbing at the sentinel rock falls. Other than these adventures and leisure related activities, Kelpetta has a few temples for people with religious interest, e.g. The Jain temples of Kottamundu and Ananthanatha Swami are some.

Kalpetta stays pleasant throughout the year, well connected by roads and having plenty of options for lodging, thus making it a popular choice for all.


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