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World India Kerala Thiruvilwamala
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India Kerala Thiruvilwamala

About Thiruvilwamala

Thiruvilwamala (Mountain of Vilwa Tree) is a tiny hilly region on the Northern Mountain Range of Thrissur of Kerala State. Located on the banks of River Bharathapuzha, Thiruvilwamala has famous “Sri Vilwadrinath Temple”, Five Shiva Temples, and Parakkottukavu Bhagavathy Temple etc. and thus we can term Thiruvilwamala as a “Temple Town”. Prominent Malayalam writers like V.K.N, Manasi, Divakar and Marshal hailed from this tiny hillock. Legendary Kerala Poet P.Kunhiraman Nair stayed in Thiruvilwamala on having fallen in love with the panoramic beauty of the place. Many prominent Kathakali artists hail from this Temple town. Madalam Players Late Venkichan Swamy and his disciple Appukutty Poduval were born in Thiruvilwamala. Thus we can say that Thiruvilwamala has contributed number of people who have contributed immensely to culture and literature of Kerala.

The village celebrates Ekadasi Festival with aplomb. During Ekadasi festival, a relay Carnatic classical music festival is organsied in the Sri Vilwadrinath Temple. Similarly the Parakkottukavu Thalappoli Festival which falls in Mid-May is another important festival which is celebrated with grand fireworks in Thiruvilwamala.

There are many hotels in Thrissur which offers a pleasant stay for many tourists. Enjoy the delicious Kerala Food and also don’t forget to purchase some “Kasavu Saree” from Kuthampalli.

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