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Ernakulam is the eastern twin city of Kochi. It is not one of those places where you can sit idyllic by the beach, where life is laid back and the locals are generally unconcerned about things. No, Ernakulam is bigger and more active than that. It is, after all, the commercial, financial, and academic center of the state of Kerala.

Here, the people just don’t go to the beach and relax, although the beaches are practically a short away from anywhere. People in this area go to work, study at universities and colleges, make business transactions and decisions, and sell their products. They work really hard. So it’s no wonder that this eastern part of Kochi has become a thriving district over the past decade.

However, the people of Ernakulam still appreciate the importance of rest and relaxation. And as a tropical city, Ernakulam knows exactly how to cater tourists. There are many resorts in Cherai Beach. While the mainland is teeming with commercial structures, this western part of the city is dotted with quaint wooden umbrellas and cottages. Here, the sea water is blue and pristine. The beaches sparkle under the sun. The backwaters and lagoons have swaying coconut trees and sunset is resting everyday. It is such a welcoming contrast to the hustles of the mainland.

Ernakulam boasts a very rich history, back from the 15th century. There are numerous impressive well-preserved historical structures that can be seen all over the town. Many of which are found neatly lined up in Fort Kochi or sometimes called Old Kochi. Cultural heritage is more evident with the city’s preservation of old practices, such as fishing with the traditional Chinese nets and traditional wooden boats.

A beautiful tropical city with a bustling commercial district and proud history, Ernakulam is the perfect destination for a traveler who wants it all and more.

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Travel Guide
Ernakulam is well connected by air, rail and road and has two ferry junctions providing connectivity throughout the day.
Travel Guide
The local cuisines are sumptuous and must be tried, like the typical ‘sadya’.

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