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World India Kerala Nelliampathi
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India Kerala Nelliampathi

About Nelliampathi

One of the popular hill stations in Kerala, Nelliampathi or Nelliyampathy is a breathtaking place surrounded by hills of coffee and tea plantations. Nelliampathi which is situated at an altitude of 1000 meters forms a part of Sahyadri Ranges in Western Ghats. The drive up the hill is in itself an experience, because the only route up the hill is from Nemmara; at 9kms from Nemmara the route leads to the Pothundi Dam which lies at the foot of the Nelliampathi hills, from this dam the roads winds up for 17 KMs with many hairpin turns known to be tough to maneuver.

During the journey up the hill, the travelers are treated to breathtaking views of hills, plantations, and new born waterfalls during monsoon times, a wide variety of flora and fauna. The steep valley on one side and thick teakwood vegetation on other side offers a spectacular view. It is easy to spot monkeys, Deer, Porcupine etc. while climbing the Nelliampathi Hillock.

The dense jungles of these hills are the home to native birds and animals of the Ghats. Nelliyampathy boasts of over 215 species of birds and 90 species of Butterflies. Some of the plantations found here have existed from the British times, and are known for their fresh produce. The hills also offer exciting and challenging trekking trails for the adventurists. Since this place is a tourist haven, a number of hotels and resorts can be found on various locations across the hills. There are many routes for trekking and hiking. Kaikatty Junction has a Trekking Base where tourists can hire local guide and essentials needed for trekking. Padagiri Peak is the most apt for trekking.

Tourists can access this hot-spot tourist destination from Palakad which is just 60 km from Nelliyampathy. Nelliampathi has several tea, coffee and cardamom plantations. One of the highest yielding tea estates of India, Manalaroo Estate which is run by A.V.Thomas & Company is located in Nelliampathi.

There are several resorts, both private and government run, for accomodation. Some of these being at Palagapandi Estate, ITL Holidays and Resorts, Green Land Farm House, Ciscilia Heritage. In spite of being an amazing tourist spot, the place lacks good restaurants.

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